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Spain Flights

The airports of Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are the main gateway for international tourists to enter Spain. These airports of the country have large passenger traffic. Other airports of mainland Spain have internal flight operations. There are separate airports in the major islands of Spain. Spain flights are operated by major domestic and international airlines in the country. They offer extensive services to business and leisure travelers.


About Spain flights


Spain flights run as per schedule from the terminals of the airports in the country. The busiest airport with highest passenger traffic is Madrid International Airport. This airport in the capital city of Spain acts as the major connector to other cities as well. There are flights to international destinations like UK, Africa, Canada, Asia, and other parts of Europe. The number of visitors traveling through Madrid airport is estimated at around 50.8 million. This count makes it the 11th busiest airport in the world.


Barcelona airport is famous as El Prat carrying over 30 million passengers yearly. There are also Spain flights operating from the cities of Mlaga, Valencia, Seville, Gran Canaria, Alicante, Mallorca, and Bilbao.


Popular Spain airports


These airports in Spain experience high passenger traffic and have many domestic and international flights taking off every day. There are flights operating on daily basis, weekly, or bi-weekly basis.


  • A Corua Airport (Alvedro Airport) [8]
  • Albacete Airport (Los Llanos Air Base)
  • Alicante Airport (formerly El Altet Airport)
  • Zaragoza Airport
  • Vitoria Airport
  • Vigo-Peinador Airport
  • Valencia Airport
  • Seville Airport
  • Santiago de Compostela Airport
  • Santander Airport
  • San Sebastin Airport
  • Salamanca Airport
  • Reus Airport
  • Pamplona-Nain Airport
  • Mlaga Airport
  • Cuatro Vientos Airport
  • Len Airport
  • Bilbao Airport

Cheap Spain flights

Many airlines having both domestic and international flights in and out of Spain has cheap fare services. These airlines have special offers and discounts for travelers on advance bookings or during special time of the year. You can avail cheap air package to have an affordable vacation.

Spain domestic flights

  • Flights to Alicante (ALC)
  • Madrid (MAD)
  • Valencia (VLC)
  • Barcelona (BCN)
  • Mallorca (PMI)
  • Bilbao (BIO)
  • Malaga (AGP)
  • Almeria (LEI)
  • Santander (SDR)
  • Ibiza (IBZ)
  • Santiago de Compostela (SCQ)
  • Jerez (XRY)
  • Las Palmas (LPA)
  • Menorca (MAH)
  • Fuerteventura (FUE)
  • Murcia (MJV)
  • Seville (SVQ)
  • Lanzarote (ACE) 
  • Girona (GRO)
  • Reus (REU)
  • Granada (GRX) 
  • Tenerife (TFS)


Airlines with domestic services in Spain

The following airlines operating in Spain cities have domestic flight services linking one city to another. This is advantageous for tourists who wish to travel inter-city by air services. This makes their trip less hectic and more convenient. They can easily put up at a hotel close to the airports and opt for shuttles services. The following airlines have daily services within Spain.

  • Iberia
  • Spanair
  • Easyjet
  • Clickair
  • Lagunair
  • Air Europa
  • Air Nostrum
  • Ryanair


Spain international flights

Most international flights to Spain make landings at the Madrid airport and Barcelona airport. This is because these two cities are among the most visited places in the country. These two airports are also well equipped with modern facilities for travelers. The international terminals are more in number than in any other airports. The non-commercial cargo flights to Spain from international destination also help in import, export, and exchange of goods and services.

There are flights to Spain from the following countries:

  • Madrid from Europe
  • There are flights to Madrid from North, Central, South America & Caribbean
  • Airlines have services to Madrid from Asia, Middle East, and Oceania
  • Flights to Madrid from Africa.