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Spain featuring a range of diversified attractions is one of the most interesting places of visit. This city attracting approximately 48 million visitors each year holds maximum tourist appeal. Apart from its heritage sites and manmade attractions, the country is also home to a range of festivals and events held throughout the year. Be it the smallest village in the country or the capital city, Spain events are celebrated with great excitement and fun throughout the nation. Most of the days of the events are declared a holiday in the country. Featuring an international recognition, events in Spain are largely influenced by cultural and religious festivals. The calendar year of this European country features a line of events that is mostly dominated by food festivals and the Bull – fighting events. You can witness a Spanish celebration or fiesta during any time of your visit.


Popular Spanish Events


One of the most significant Spanish events featuring a large appeal among both the locals as well as visitors is the tomato festival. Events of Bullfights for always have been a star attraction of the country. Most of these internationally recognized events promoting the rich cultural appeal of the nation are held each year. Here is a detailed look at some of the famous Spain events scheduled in its calendar year.


La Tomatina Festival, Bu?ol, Valencia


One of the most popular festivals in Spain, the La Tomatina is a top draw among the tourists. This event witnesses the world’s largest food fight featuring an attack of tomatoes.? People in Spain indulge in this particular festival that features around 240,000 pounds of tomatoes thrown at each other. In general, the festival or the attack, as you name it, is held each year in between 11 am to 1pm on the last Wednesday of the month of August. The streets get literally flooded with tomato juices, pulp, skins, and seeds. However, the people involved in the fight are only required to clean up the mess. Be sure to carry at least one change of clothes while planning to attend the event. You can even enjoy the paella night on the night before the fight.



The Feria de Abril, Seville

Another popular Spanish festival, this one features the dance of flamenco and lots of partying. Originally, this cattle market has developed into a famous festival in the European country. The celebration is held each year generally, two weeks after the Semana Santa (Easter Week). The fiesta begins with the official lighting of the lanterns, when half a million little lights are turned on at once. While on this Spanish event, you will get to see beautiful Sevillian women costumed dressed in the flamenco style. You can be apart of this grand celebration to enjoy the real beauty of Spain. Also, do not forget to have a taste of the glasses of manzanilla wine (sherry) and delicacies of tapas -small Andalusian snacks.


La Fiesta del Fermin

The running of the bulls or the bullfights is one of the most significant Spain events. The country attracts maximum number of visitors to the country on the account of this uniquely spectacular affair. This festival that is organized in the honor of the patron saint of the city was popularized internationally by Ernest Hemingway in his novel 'The Sun Also Rises'. This event is held in a town in Navarre in the northern region of the country. The bullring of the Pamplona is the location of the eight-day fun and celebration of dancing, drinking, and bullfights. This practice of driving bulls started in Pamplona during the 19th century and since then for many years, the city authorities have tried to prevent this practice. However, this region of the country still holds maximum of its tourism appeal on account of such vents and practices apart from its other attractions.


Fallas in Valencia

Another Spanish event of international recognition, this one boasts of a strong appeal among the tourists. An event of bonfires, this one is held in Valencia and its surrounding towns. Held in the month of March, welcoming the season of spring, this festival features the burning of huge figures of a height of even a three – storey building. The excitement of this event lies in its smoke, the heat, and the noise. The beginning of the celebration fills the city with around 700 cardboard and wood monuments or figures symbolizing satirical and humorous themes. The grand opening of event, “planta” is followed by a series of other events attracting a significant number of visitors to the city. ?The major highlights being the Offering of the Flowers, the "masclet?s", or giant firecracker sessions, the "nit del foc", or fire night and of course the "crem?”. This is the event that witnesses the burning of all the figurines on the last night of the “fallas”.


San Isidro, Madrid

This festival of San Isidro, held during the month of May in honor of Saint Isidore is yet another popular Spain event. The celebration that is internationally renowned as the most significant bullfighting festival in the world attracts a significant number of visitors to the city. This celebration is generally, scheduled for May 8-15 and is held in this period since it started from the year 1947. ?The bullfighting event generally occurs in the Las Ventas stadium. This city apart from its attraction of bullfight is also home to several other events boasting a cultural appeal.


Film festivals

Film festivals are another internationally recognized events held in the European country. Spain is quite popular for its film festivals reflecting the cultural appeal of the country. In general, the months of October and November witnesses them most though the biggest event of the year is the San Sebastian event held in late September.

Apart from the above-mentioned festivals that are held annually in the country, there are several other Spain events Scheduled for the coming months of 2010. These are as follows -

  • Concerts at Auditorio Nacional de Musica
  • Opera, Concert and Ballet Season
  • Symphonic Orchestra of Euskadi Season
  • Teatro Maestranza Concert Season
  • Zarzuela Season


Upcoming Events in Spain

The country in the recent months is scheduled to host a number of events and festivals catering to great entertainment. During your visit to this wonderful country in between the months of May and December, you will get to catch a range of fiestas coloring the city in bright hues and shades. Most of these events reflecting the cultural glory and heritage of the nation are held annually.

Here is a look at some of the Spain Current events scheduled to held between the months of May and December -


Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer

Date - 2 May 2011 (annual)
Location -Valencia
Time – Throughout the day

The event of Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer is celebrated just eight days after the Easter. With this event, the city of Valencia pays respect to their patron saint. Children replicating his miracles and other acts perform plays on the outdoor stages of the city. One of the major events in Spain, this one features two main spectacles, the Wine Horses, and the Moors and Christian celebrations.

Sevilla at Spring Feria Time

Dates - May 3, 2011 to May 8, 2011
Location – Seville

The Spring Feria is one of the most popular festivals in Spain. Held in the month of May, this is a favorite with the locals as well as the tourists. The festival began in 1874 as cattle fair and over the years has evolved into a major fiesta carving a permanent mark in the social calendar of the country. With time, it developed a business aspect making it more popular in the calendar. It is held for a week with thousands of tens installed in the fairground area involving people in a great fun celebration.

Festival of the May Crosses

Date: 3 May 2011 (annual)
Location: Granada

The festival of the May Crosses is a religious event that is celebrated with great fervor in the country. The city of Grenada celebrates it by decorating the entire destination in a new look. The plazas, pavements, balconies, and railings, all are decorated with flowers. The decorated crosses come up as the main area of fun that includes singing and dancing.

Corpus Christi

Date - May - June 2011 (annual)
Location - Granada

Another popular religious festival in Spain, the Corpus Christi is celebrated with great sentiment and fervor throughout Grenada. The major highlights of the event are parades and church services that are followed by great entertainment until late night. A fairground is staged in the outskirts of the city for the ultimate fun and celebrations. This weeklong celebration ends with huge firework display, preferably on a Sunday.

Sonar Music Festival

Dates - 16 June 2011
Location - Barcelona

The capital city of Spain, Barcelona plays host to one of the most popular cultural events of the country. The Sonar musical festival holds a major draw and appeal among the music lovers. It is referred to one of the better electronic musical show in the world. It is categorized into two separate ambiences, the Sonar by day and the Sonar by night. The Sonar by day includes Concerts, multi media zone, and cinema, audiovisual projections in all formats, a media library, and more. The night event includes performances by electronic music artists from both Spain and other foreign countries along with continuous DJ and VJ sessions.

Marbella International Art Festival

Date - June 2011 (annual)
Location - Marbella
The International Art Festival is one of the major Spanish cultural festivals. This art festival stages the display of art works and sculptures of around 80 artists from across the Costa del Sol. The works of art are exhibited in Alameda Park and Avenida del Mar. The event is also loaded with street performances and live music for an extra touch of entertainment.

San Bernabé Festival

Dates - June 2011 (annual)
Location -Marbella

The San Bernabé festival is held in Marbella to pay homage to their patron saint with weeklong fun and festivities. Musical shows and dance performances ranks as the major highlight of the show. Throughout the week of the event, the streets and the plazas of the Old town are filled with performances of the locals in traditional dress. The festival begins with a firework display in the Paseo Marítimo. The ending day is marked with a procession in the morning.

La Tomatina

Date: Last Wednesday in August each year
Location - Buñol
Time: 12pm to 1pm

Referred to as one of the craziest festivals around the world, the LA Tomatina is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The world’s biggest tomato fight takes to the streets of Valencia during this Spanish festival. All gussets visiting the city during that particular time must be prepared to get soaked in the juices. The event that began in 1945 has gradually evolved as one of the major highlight on the summer calendar of festivals and events. The actual tomato fight continues for an hour followed by a grand street party.

Festival of La Mercè

Date- 24 September (annually)
Location - Various squares and open places around the city

The festival of La Merce is observed to pay respect and honor the patron saint of Barcelona, the Virgin of Mercy. Devoted to the saint, this fest involves a wonderful mix of Catalan traditions and mythology in its festivities. The entire city lights up to a fun-filled celebration that includes fairs, theaters, street music, dance performances, parades, and concerts. The firework show lighting up the figures of dragons and devils, and gigantic folklore icons of Catalonia are paraded through the city center.

Santa Tecla Festival

Date- September 2011

The Santa Tecla festival is one of the major draws in the calendar of Spain events. During the celebration time, visitors from Tarragona receive a wonderful opportunity of getting to choose from a host of entertainment options. The festival involves a fascinating combination of rock and jazz concerts, plays, theatre, and traditional Spanish demonstrations. However, the major highlight of this festival is the castellers competing to build the highest human pyramids. The event began during the period of 18th century and has been continuing since then.

Spain current events featuring a combination of art, cultural, sports, and musical fiestas offer a whirlwind of entertainment for the tourists as well as the locals. We are flights hotels tours aim to provide comprehensive Travel information for many such Destinations

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