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Singapore Current Events

Looking for Singapore current events? You will be glad to know there is an extensive list of current events in Singapore. Events here include, late night parties, floral exhibitions, theaters, concerts, traditional and contemporary festivals and much more. Given the list of Singapore events, it can be concluded that the nation has something in store for everyone. Therefore, getting bored in the country is next to impossible.

Singapore is one of the most charming destinations in the whole of Asia. The country is known to be one of the top crowd pullers in the world. With so many attractions and activities, it is an entertainment hub of the tourists. Adding to the appeals are the events and festivals that are held in the nation throughout the year. These fun and festivities add to the cultural, colorful, and vibrant stage of the nation. Singapore current events scheduled for the year 2011 include dance shows, musical concerts, youth festival, film festival, food events, and art events along with many more extravaganzas. These events hold an equal appeal among both the young and the old, international tourists and local people.

When it comes to Singapore current events, the country never fails to meet the every expanding expectation of people.

Singapore Upcoming Events:

Here is a look at the Singapore current events scheduled for the year 2011-

Dance Fiesta 2011

The Dance Fiesta 2011 will let you exhibit your groovy moves and shakes at the stage. Such kind of a show will be held for the first time in the nation. The event that will be presented by the Youth Network will witness the coming together of organizers like, People’s Association Youth Movement, Central CDC, South East CDC,SAFRA, and NTU. It will have the support of four largest dance school of Singapore like, O School, Danz People, Studio Wu, and Jitterbugs Singapore.

Event Details
Date - 19 and 20 February (Preliminaries), 5 March (Semi-Finals), March 19 (Finals)
Venue - Marina Square, Central Atrium (Preliminaries) & St James Power Station, Powerhouse (Semis and Finals)
Location - Singapore, Central Singapore
Rates - $60 (Team), $20 (Individual) – [Registration Fees]

Mosaic Music Festival

The Mosaic Music Festival is another well-recognized annual event in Singapore. This year, the musical extravaganza will have for company bands like, The National and 65daysofstatic. In addition to such performances, the event will have more on the go.

Event Details
Dates: 11th to 20 March 2011
Venue: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
Tickets: On sale through Sistic

'80s Music Festival

If you have been a lover of 80’s pop music then, this is the place to be. The 80’s music festival is one of the grand musical concerts held in the nation. The extravaganza will feature the pop-icon of the era like, Billy Ocean, Howard Jones, and Samantha Fox along with other big names that will include Go West, Alphaville, Tony Hadley, and Belinda Carlisle. In addition to such performances there will be other activities including a lifestyle exhibit from various industries like, fashion, watches, and automobile. Tickets are available from SISTIC.

Event Details
Date – 2-3 April
Venue – The Padang
Location - Singapore
Rates - Standard - S$98? Event Day - S$138? 2-Day Standard Pass - S$168? VIP - S$198? VIP Event Day - S$258? 2-Day VIP Pass - S$358

Singapore International Film Festival

The International Film Festival is one of the most popular Singaporean events held in the nation. An annual event, this is held each year during the period of mid to end April. The festival is organized with the mission of celebrating film industry. Screening of around 300 films from around 45 countries all over the world is organized during the festival. It also thrives to acknowledge and offer credit to the best Asian filmmakers.

Event Details
Date - April 14 - April 23, 2011
Venues - National Museum of Singapore (93 Stamford Rd), the Goethe Institut (163 Penang Road), Alliance Francaise (1 Sarkies Rd), and Lido Cinemas (350 Orchard Road)
Location - Singapore

Singapore Arts Festival

The Singapore Arts Festival that is celebrated during the months of May and June is an annual event. It witnesses a culmination of cultural arts in all forms that includes dance performances to art exhibits and musical shows. Held in Esplanade Theater on the Bay, the event truly offers a spectacle show.

Event Details
Date – May 13 – June 5
Venue - Esplanade Theatre on the Bay
Location - Singapore

Singapore Food Festival

The food festival is another top Singapore event that is especially dedicated to the food lover from all over the world. An annual celebration, it lays an exotic fiesta of dishes and international cuisines. Held in July, it offers a plate of exquisite preparations from all around the world. The specialty of the entire festival lies in its international dishes. Some of the events held during the festival charges an entrance fee while the others feature a free exit. The auspices finance some events.

Event Details
Date - July 1 – July 31
Venue – All around Singapore
Location - Singapore

Hungry Ghost Festival

The festival of hungry ghost witnesses the observance of an ancient Chinese tradition. This traditional Singapore event, like in the nation, is also celebrated in other parts of the world. According to the Chinese belief, on the day, ‘Gates of Hell’ are opened and spirits are freed to roam around. The tradition of laying banquets and staging of Chinese Opera, known as ‘wayang’, is performed to calm down the souls.

Event details
Date - August - September 2011 (annual)
Venue - Chinatown, Ang Mo Kio and Redhill
Location - Singapore
Rates - Free

Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival

The Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival is one of the most auspicious and spectacular nights featured on the East-Asian calendar. On the day, people in the nation gather to celebrate family unity by placing a grand banquet. The fun and festivity of this Singapore festival is also followed according to a Chinese tradition that honors the uprising of the Chinese against the Mongolian dominance. To honor the day, people in the nation savor special moon cakes known as yuek beng.

Be there to be a part of an eventful extravaganza featuring competitions, concerts, master-classes and seminars in venues across the city.

There are many other Events and Festivals of Singapore as well, of which the celebration of the International Women's Day claims for a special mention.

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