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Flights to Singapore

Singapore is a unique place and is quite a popular tourist destination. There are several places here which are major tourist attractions. For instance the Animal Kingdom here is quite a favorite both among the adults and the children. The Butterfly Park here boasts of 3000 species of butterflies whereas at Jurong Bird Park, you will come across nine thousand specimens of birds. Night Safaris are also arranged here where you will get an opportunity to see different animals like the rhinoceros, or even see the giraffe and hyenas. Other major fascinations here are the Singapore zoo and the underwater world, where you will experience marine life in a new form. There are also many isles of Singapore like the Kusu Island, St John's Island, Pulao Ubin and Sentosa which are also popular among the tourists. The best way to go to there is by availing flights to Singapore.

There are several airlines which offer flights to Singapore. Both domestic and international flights in Singapore are available. Some of these airlines which have Singapore flights are:

  • Air Asia
  • Adam Air
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Air India Express
  • Jet star Asia
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • Mihin Lanka
  • Lion Air
  • Valueair
  • Tiger Airways

Singapore is conveniently located at the Southeast Asia. At Singapore you will find a harmonious blend of different cultures, cuisine, architecture and arts. The best of both the world from the west and the east is blended here. Even if you spend a single day here you will find a diverse thing to explore, ranging from the ethnic enclave to efficient business center, beautiful gardens to sleek skyscrapers. At Singapore you can begin your day with a breakfast amidst the orangutans and then proceed to visit the various tourist places there. Flights from Singapore are the ideal way to getaway to Singapore.

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