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Sentosa Island Singapore

One of the most popular outdoor destinations in the Malay region is Singapore- Sentosa Island. It is popular tourist destination that has a 3.2 km beach. The island is veiled with the tropical rain forests and is a favorite leisure spot for many travelers.

There are several wild animal species that reside within these forests. To name a few would be wild monkeys, parrots, peacocks, lizards and the like. Sentosa with its flora and fauna never allows you a moment away from nature’s crest. You can participate in several interesting outdoor activities on the island.

Though Sentosa Island is a small island, still it records a footfall of approximately 2 million visitors each year. It offers recreational facilities for young and adult alike. The island is surrounded by diverse plants which add to its scenic beauty. This leaves a mesmerizing impact on the minds of travelers.

Singapore - Sentosa Island tourists Attractions

Sentosa Islands offers a number of attractions in an around the region. Some of the places that you can visit whilst your visits are:-

  • Tiger Sky Tower: - This is 131 meters above sea level and 110 meters above ground level sea observation tower. You can have a panoramic view of entire Singapore and also the Sentosa Islands.

  • Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom: - This harbors about 3000 species of rare insects from around the world. There are also 50 different species of butterflies also.
  • Dolphin Lagoon and Underwater World: - This is a place where you can locate the very rare species of pink dolphins.
  • Sentosa CineBlast: - The gallery promises a 3D adventurous ride that is equipped with sound effects and other high-tech digital audio visual effects.
    Other sires that the tourists can be a part of are:-
  • Fort Silso :-
  • Azzura Beach Club
  • Wave House Sentosa
  • The Flying Trapeze

    Apart from these, the Sentosa Islands and the beaches have food joints and cafeterias, restaurants, beer gardens and other eateries.

    Singapore - Sentosa Island Hotels & Resorts

    Singapore-Sentosa Islands have some high end hotels and resorts. These resorts are built by eminent chain of hotel groups. All of them are equipped with global standards of service in terms of dining, hospitality, pubs and lounge, city tour and the like. The price range depends on the type of resort or hotel you have picked upon. Some of the eminent names are given below:-
  • Amara Sanctuary Resort
  • Capella Singapore
  • Sentosa Resort and Spa
  • Siloso Beach Resort
  • Grand Pacific Hotel .

    Singapore - Sentosa Island Airport

    The Changi International Airport is the junction for all visitors and local residents to meet and fly to other countries. The airport has been in operation since 1981 and is known for its excellent quality services. It is also well known for the shopping malls inside the airport.