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Little India Singapore

If you travel to Singapore – Little India, you may be confused for a while by seeing Indians walking on streets which have English names. These are the people (Indians or others) who have settled in this place referred to as Little India. And this explains why the place is known by that name. You will find in this corner of Singapore everything that is Indian. Ranging from sarees, henna, and bindis etc, there is rarely a thing you may not find here which you get in India.

The place has characteristics smell of spices. You will also find men and women clad in sarees, visting temples. It is basically a colorful city which is lively, colorful and vibrant

Shopping in Singapore – Little India
There are plenty of things you can buy from here. Shops which display stuff like jewelry, brassware, Indian arts and handicrafts, apparel, gifts, sarees, bangles, henna, and bindis are not uncommon. It is a well known fact that India is known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity. So, you can get an essence of the same in this part of Singapore.

Singapore – Little India festivals
India is known as a country that celebrates many festivals. If not all of them, few of the festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Some of the festivals you may enjoy in Little India in Singapore include the following –

  • Deepavali
  • Ponggal
  • Thaipusam
  • Navarathri etc

    Singapore- Little India tourist attractions
    There are many places you can visit when you travel to Singapore –Little India. These places comprise spice shops, saree shops, shops where you will find confectionery, garlands, Indian jewelry, and artifacts etc. Check out some of the places of interest in Little India in Singapore-
  • Kerbau Roads
  • Buffalo Road
  • Tekka center
  • Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple
  • Serangoon Road
  • Mustafa Center etc

    Singapore – Little India Hotels
    There are many hotels in Little India and the adjoining areas. Some of the hotels you can put up at include the following –
  • Hotel 81 Elegance
  • Hotel 81 Dickson
  • Aspinals Hotel
  • Cityhub Hotel
  • Santa Grand Hotel, Little India
  • Claremont Hotel etc

    Singapore – Little India Resorts
    Whether you want to check into Singapore – Little India resort belonging to 5 star categories or you are looking for an economy and budget hotel in Little India in Singapore, there are many options to choose from. You can also book your rooms on the World Wide Web or check out with your travel agency.

    Singapore – Little India airport
    The nearest Singapore – Little India airport is the International Changi Airport. As far as flight information and booking tickets online is concerned, you can check it out from the website.