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Geylang and Katong Singapore

Singapore-Geylang & Katong, One of the most visited tourist attractions these days in South East Asia region is Singapore-Geylang & Katong. Known for its overall soothing ambiance, friendly people and interesting points of attraction, the place has a lot to offer.


Katong is a residential region located in east of Singapore and is close to the seafront. You can locate some excellent beach properties and other accommodation here. Previously there used to be several villas surrounding the place.

The region possesses a rich cultural mix and is also famous for its cuisine and eateries. You can visit the famous Tanjong Katong beach where often you can spot sea turtles. Katong in reality is the name of a rare species of turtle.

On your trip you can visit the various shopping outlets that are spread through out. Some of them are even located in the beach and can get some city customary items like cloth pieces, jewelry, handicrafts and artifacts and the like. .


Geylang is also known as the Geylang Serai and is located centrally in Singapore. The Singapore River is situated in the east. Malay is the language that is prevalent in this region.

The area is well connected with buses and other means of public transport. The Geylang Lorong 1 Bus Terminal is a prominent junction for the inhabitants located in the Kallang planning region. Other names that follow are Mountbatten, Dakota, Paya Lebar, Aljuinied stations.

There have been several television shows that were aired. The 2 important names are given below:-

  • Pleasure Factory, which is a Singapore-Thai documentary.
  • Living in Geylang, a serial of 20 episodes

    Singapore-Geyland & Katong- Hotels

    There are several hotels in Singapore-Geyland & Katong to choose from. You can select from some of the eminent names given below:-
  • Adam Road Hotel
  • Beach Road Hotel
  • Bright Star Hotel
  • Amrise Hotel
  • Taipei Hotel
  • Meng Yew Hotel

    Singapore-Geyland & Katong- Resorts

    The Singapore-Geyland & Katong resorts are spectacular creations with excellent dining, accommodation, pub, lounge and other activities. Multi cuisines and other recreation facilities make up for a complete leisure package in these resorts. One of the eminent names in this regard is the Orchard Road Hotel.

    Singapore-Geyland & Katong- Airport

    It is the Changi International Airport in Singapore that connects several passengers. The airport serves almost 80 international flights which fly to over 200 countries globally. The departures mark up to a count of 500 on daily basis. The airport has a total landmass of 40,000 square miles. It also has some of the posh and lavish shopping plazas from where tourists can shop.

    Changi Resorts

    On your trip to Singapore- Geylang and Katong, you can also take a look at the various resorts before you put up there. The resorts are well maintained with furnished interiors and also in close proximity to the airport. They offer quality services in dining, lounge, beach activities, city travel and the like. Some of the well known Changi resorts near the airports are:-
  • Goldkist Beach Resort
  • Golden Orientus Resort
  • Orchid County Club