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Changi Village Singapore

The frequently talked about destination, Singapore Changi Village, is situated in north-eastern Singapore. It is a modern day village. The village has often been termed as the “ghost town” that the Singapore Government in 2005 had assured to revamp. The well known Changi village bus terminal is located near by.
The Changi Point Ferry Terminal is a common and prominent ferry junction. On visiting the place you can locate the small passenger ferries that will take you to the north-eastern island, for instance the Pulau Ubin and also to some places in Malaysia, Johor.
You can also take a walk to the Changi Beach Park that is located nearby. During weekends you can see several families gathering on the beach for family picnics, get together and the like. The islands located at vicinity from the beach can be seen too.
You can also participate and be a part of the kayaking courses at the People’s Association Water Venture.

Hawker Centre

One the main attraction of the Singapore-Changi Village is the Hawker center, located very near. The place is well known for its “nasi lemak” stalls where most of the time you can see the long queues. Several residents reside in the estates of Simei, Tampines and Pasir Ris which is at close proximity to the Hawker center. You can spend your evening in the coffee shops that are open even at mid-night.

Changi Hotel

One of the well known hotels of Singapore-Changi Village is the Changi Village Hotel, which following its ambiance and surrounding is idyllic, with lavish and beautiful décor. With a wellness center, rooftop spa and infinity pool the hotel is located near to the sea.

For the gastronomically inclined, the Saltwater Café is a prominent place for the buffet spreads. You can also visit the Vau Wine Bar, Choubel Japanese Restaurant and the La Cantina.
Located at Netheravon Road, the hotel has facilities like a Business Center room that gives you efficient broad band connection and other audio visual services to carry on with your professional meetings. There are about 830 rooms and suites. With other amenities like lounging, lavish dining, relaxing spa services and the like, the hotel happens to cater to the leisure as well as business travelers alike.

Changi Airport

The Changi Airport serves as the junction that brings several travelers to Singapore- Changi Village. It started operation back in the year 1981. Since then owing to its services and quality it has been ranked as the 6th busiest International Airport globally.
Approximately 80 international flights originate from Changi Airport and fly to almost 200 countries. It also takes charge of some 5000 arrivals and departures daily. The total area is about 40,000 square miles and harbors some of Singapore’s huge and well known shopping plazas.

Changi Resorts

On your trip to Singapore- Changi Village, you can also take a look at the various resorts before you put up there. The resorts are well maintained with furnished interiors and also in close proximity to the airport. They offer quality services in dining, lounge, beach activities, city travel and the like. Some of the well known Changi resorts near the airports are:-
  • Goldkist Beach Resort
  • Golden Orientus Resort
  • Orchid County Club