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Singapore Cities

The island city of Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeastern Asia. Originally known as the Republic of Singapore, it is a unique city and one of the brightest spots in the map of global tourism. Infact, the significance of Singapore as a global tourism spot is increasing day by day. The city with a rich contrast and color, different forms of cuisine,important singapore cities like like Geyland and katong, Chinatown, Santosa island and an array of tourist attractions attracts a huge number of crowds every year. Each of the spots is very much different from the other. Among all these spots, the one that signifies Singapore like no other, is the Merlion. It was actually designed as an emblem of the Singapore Tourism Board.

The particular attraction possesses a unique feature of having a lion head and a fish body that rests on the crest of waves. There are numerous other tourist spots, spread across different cities in Singapore. Though the term, cities in Singapore may sound a little confusing as Singapore itself is a city but Singapore do have some famous places. These famous places are often referred as ‘famous cities of Singapore’ or ‘major cities of Singapore’.

Although the term of ‘Cities in Singapore’, is bit of a misnomer, there are a few Important Towns and Cities of Singapore and around, namely:

The city of Singapore has a vast array of marvels in offer you. So, on your dream Singapore Vacation, get introduced yourself to the city’s important locales like:

  • Changi village Changi village provides a different picture of Singapore. It is much more calm and quiet than the usual Singapore. The un-crowded beach is a great place to visit during the weekend to enjoy a relaxing experience. Moreover, you can try your hand at shopping as this place as it has plenty of bargains for Indian cotton shoes, batik dresses, kimonos and various other commodities.
  • Geyland & Katong The traditional home to Singapore’s Malay, Arab and Indonesian communities, it presents a contrasting picture to Changi village, as it always bustles with crowds. The place is a good one to get some prized products like cotton and gold from India, rattan from Indonesia, perfumes from Arabia and many other things.
  • Chinatown The recently renovated Chinatown is also one of the most popular among the so-called cities in Singapore. This place is always brimming with life with an array of restaurants temple idle carvers etc. A stroll down the streets of this place will provide you the opportunity to have a look at the works of the local craftsman.

    Other renowned towns or villages of Singapore:
  • Toa Payoh
  • Holland Village
  • Little India