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Singapore Business Events

Singapore is regarded as one of the most developing societies in Asia. Singapore is more than just rickshaws, pirates, opium dens, and pearl boats. The country is growing in all spheres. And it won’t be wrong to say that the changes that are taking place in the country have contributed positively to the growth of the economy. Every year innumerable events and festivals take place in the country. Let us find out the different Singapore business events that will take place in 2010.

The business events in Singapore are held with the aim of improving business prospects, opening vistas to new business projects etc. The Singapore business events are usually marked with plenty of activities. In addition to educative sessions, there are group discussions, exchange of views and ideas etc.

There are eminent speakers who have excelled in their own field. So, let us find out the Singapore business events that are scheduled to be held in 2010.

Business Events in Singapore in 2010


  • LogiChem Asia LogiChem is a business event that is targeted at chemical manufactures, supply chain managers, logistics managers etc. The industries that participate in the event include dyes and chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic, shipping, transportation etc.
    Type of event – conference
    Date -25th May 2010 to 28th May 2010
    Venue – Singapore
  • ad:tech Singapore 2010 –This business event in Singapore schedules to be held in June is expected to bring together technology providers, brand advertisers, portals, interactive agencies, on-line publishers etc. The event mainly highlights the new technologies and practices that are emerging in the market. It will help you to understand how you can utilize these practices in bettering your business
    Type of event – conference
    Date 3rd June 2010 to 4th June 2010
    Venue – Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Retail Banking Asia-Pacific 2010:Aimed at developing awareness in different topics like consumer assets, SME, retail marketing, consumer finance, loans, electronic channels, direct banking, micro financing, and personal finance etc, the conference will help the consumers to know more about the above aspects and how they have emerged after the global financial crisis.
    Type of event – Conference
    Date – 12th July, 2010 to 14th July 2010
    Venue – TBA
  • OPEX Asia 2010: Following the credit crunch, developing operational excellence is the need of the hour. This is one way the economies around the globe can improve their economy. This conference will deal with major factors that include Cash management, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Operations, Business Process Reengineering, and Transaction banking etc.
    Type of event – Conference
    Date –3rd August 2010 to 4th August 2010
    Venue – TBD
  • Submarine Networks World 2010:As the demand for worldwide connectivity is increasing the need for expensive internet connection, well developed telecom infrastructure, regulation of telecom sector etc is needed. The conference will address these aspects.
    Type of event – Conference
    Date –12th October 2010 to 14th October 2010
    Venue – Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • POWER-GEN Asia 2010:This is one of the premier Singapore business events and meant mainly for the transmission as well as distribution industries. As many as 50 counties participate in the business event in Singapore. The ones to participate mainly belong to public services, mining, petroleum, energy, military, and government sectors.
    Type of event – Exhibition, Conference
    Date – 2nd November 2010 to 4th November 2010
    Venue – Marina Bay Sands Resort

    In addition to the Singapore business events mentioned above, check out the following –
  • Asia Rail 2010
  • Renewable Energy World Asia 2010
  • Digital Signage World Asia 2010
  • Trade Tech Asia 2010
  • OSEA2010
  • AAMA-TEX 2010 etc

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