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Singapore Tours

The city of Singapore has a multi cultural identity and has a significant history. It is some thing beyond skyscrapers and shopping malls. Globalization has been embraced here with open arms however under the skin there is lot more than just a globalized city. There are a number of temples, beautiful locales, markets, nightlife and exotic cuisines in Singapore which make Singapore Tours so special. A city trip to old Singapore is always a memorable experience.

Singapore Tours is a vast experience and to have it all in one go is really difficult. There are arrangements for half day and full day tours to keep things simple. On the Half day tours you will embark on a journey to discover the Singapore city. It is a delightful experience to stroll along the vibrant and colorful streets and enjoy a lot of activities on the way. Then you can visit the latest million dollar theater in Marina Bay called the Esplanade. Last but not the least a visit to the Botanic Gardens of Singapore and Jurong Bird Park is a refreshing experience on Tours to Singapore.

Tours at Singapore also comprise of Night Tours. On such a tour you can start from the Raffles landing site and enjoy a boat ride. A Night Safari in the quest of wild animals make Singapore Tours very special. There is a good collection of nearly 1200 species including tiger, hyna, golden jackal and caped buffalo in Singapore. A total area of 40 acres is covered in such a safari. Touring in Singapore is a fulfilling experience and rewarding in ways more than one.

A Cruise Tour in Singapore is something you should look forward to. It starts with the Morning Glory Cruise to the Southern Islands. In the Afternoon High Tea Cruise is a special experience with a lot of cakes, tartlets and sandwiches served with tea. In the Night enjoy the Dinner Cruise amidst the peaceful sea. Enjoy some of the exotic dishes on offer while on Tours at Singapore. offers online information and bookings for Tours to Singapore. For more detailed information on Singapore Tours please enter your queries in the form below.