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Orlando Facts

Orlando is a charming city in Florida State of the United States that boasts of being one of the most preferred and loved tourist destinations across the globe. The city of Orlando is a fun destination that equally attracts and appeals tourist of all ages. However, before planning a trip to Orlando it is of vital importance that you gather all information about Orlando facts that would help you plan your vacation better. The facts about Orlando will offer you with an idea about the climatic condition, geographical locations, transportation facilities, and places of attraction along with other interesting facts. A vacation at Orlando is never to disappoint you as it hosts excitement and entertainment like none other. Furthermore, apart from ushering in the entire fun quotient that the city has to offer, you can also enjoy a calm and relaxing vacation at the same time.

Facts about Orlando:

Facts and information related to the particular place of visit is a must know before planning a trip to that particular place. Orlando hosts some intriguing facts that are sure to create an interest among the tourists. Let us have a look at some of the Orlando facts of interest and intrigue.

  • Orlando Climate In general, you can visit Orlando during any time of the year. The city hosts a moderate temperature offering a pleasant climatic condition throughout the year. The temperature though goes about up during the months of June September with the maximum temperature registering 80s F (27 C) and the minimum registering 90s F (32 C). The period between October to May hosts the best time of visit with temperature ranging from 70s F (22 C) to 80s F (27 C).
  • Orlando Accommodations The city of Orlando, one of the most popular tourist destination hosts great accommodation facility. Orlando with around 500 hotels and 113,000 guesthouses offers a comparatively greater accommodation option than most of the parts of the world. You can also take your pick from around 26,000 vacation home rentals available in the city. Furthermore, the diverse range of accommodation options also suits every pocket needs ranging from economy hotels to luxury ones.
  • Orlando Attractions Orlando hosts maximum range of tourist attractions that enthralls and excites like none other. With theme parks, museums, and entertainment rides, Orlando is the storehouse of fun and excitement. You will never face a dearth of visiting places in Orlando.
  • Orlando Transportation Orlando is beautifully connected via road, rail, and air services. The Orlando International Airport generally offers services to 37 scheduled airlines with covering around 82 destinations in the United States. The Orlando Sanford International Airport too offers great services to the tourists with around 16 airlines serving 22 U.S. and 15 international destinations. The roadways make it even easier for the tourists to go around and visit their place of interest. Orlando also hosts train service- Amtrak – that offers a stop at the Orlando downtown area, Winter Park and Kissimmee.
  • Orlando Shopping What lies in a trip that does not entertain shopping? Well, Orlando just hits the right chord with tourists as it hosts great shopping destinations. You are sure to find the best brand and the right thing at Orlando from Gucci Bags to Tiffany Diamonds the city has it all. Orlando is considered as a great shopping destination.
  • Orlando Dining Good restaurants and mouth watering dishes are one of the prime concerns of a good trip. If the food of the place does not seem to excite you then, the spirit of the tour also seems to get dampened. The city of Orlando hosts around 5,180 restaurants serving delicacies that are sure to stimulate the taste buds of a food lover. You are sure to get flavors satisfying every taste bud.
  • Orlando Entertainment The city also hosts spectacular performances concerning visual arts. Orland is home to some of the famous entertaining sectors like, Orlando Ballet, Bach Festival Society, Orlando Opera, Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, and more. The city is also a major recreational area with few tourist places coming even close to competition. The city with around 2,000 lakes, springs and rivers for swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing, 168 golf courses, 800 tennis courts and 21 fitness trails for biking, walking or blading offers the tourist with activities like none other.
  • Orlando Spa Service Orlando not only offers you with a fun and exciting vacation, it also seeks to offer you with a pampering vacation. The city has a line up of spa service offering the best pampering treatment as a couple of hours or a full day spa treatment. Orlando hosts around 11 spa destinations to offer the guests with the best treatment.

    A visit to Orlando that hosts such great tourism options is a must-visit for every avid tour lover. Orlando facts just offer a boost to your plans of an Orlando trip.