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North America

North America is defined as one of the most amazing tourist destinations. This continent offers a number of sightseeing options. The picturesque tourist attractions of North America will really give you the scope of discovering the true spirit and beauty of this exotic continent. The travel destinations of North America attract a lot of tourists from all across the globe every year. North America can be described as just perfect for planning any kind of trips, be it your honeymoon trip or a family holiday trip or a business trip.

The tourist attractions in North America are simply numerous. One can find here innumerable number of sightseeing options right from breathtaking white sand beaches to spectacular mountains. It also offers you several options of thoroughly enjoying your trip and getting closer to the nature. You can also have an adventurous aspect in your trip by indulging in some exciting sports activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, golfing, sailing, swimming, hiking, dog skiing sledding, trekking, etc.

Major Tourist Attractions of North America

Canada – Niagara Falls, National Gallery of Canada, Old Port of Montreal, Banff National Park, CN Tower, Kluane National Park and Reserve, Jasper National Park, etc.

United States of America – Venice Beach, Las Vegas Strip, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, Everglades National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty, Graceland, Universal Studios Hollywood, White House, Grand Canyon National Park, Death Valley National Park, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.

Mexico – White Mountain, Copper Canyon, Palenque, National Museum of Anthropology, etc.

Popular Tourist Attractions of North America

You will find endless sightseeing options in North America. The major attractions include Mount McKinley in Alaska, Grand Canyon, and 5 lakes of US – Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario. Have a look at some of the most popular tourist attractions of North America that are listed below –

  • Bellagio Fountain – It is one of the major tourist attractions of North America. In Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountain is renowned as one of the most impressive water feature. It is of over 1000 feet length, the water movements make the musical passages of the fountain even more attractive.

  • Times Square – It is another most wonderful tourist attraction of North America. It is one of the most vibrant and lively area of the New York City. At this place you will find several office towers, attractive hotels, theme restaurants, and many more such attractions.

  • Golden Gate Bridge – Built in the year 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge is described as a real masterpiece. It stretches over to almost 4,200 feet. So, make it a point to surely visit this place whenever you are in United States of America enjoying your holiday trip.

  • Universal Studios Florida – One of the most popular attractions at North America is Universal Studios Florida. It is an amusement park situated in Orlando, Florida. It was opened in the year 1990. Most interestingly, the theme of the park is its theme that is based entirely on the entertainment and movie industry.

  • SeaWorld Orlando – This attraction can also be described as one of the first of its kind theme based parks. It is in Orlando. The park regularly organizes a lot of events and activities and other such high thrill rides and extravaganzas.