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Tours around New York

New York is not all about its amazing skyline and scintillating nightlife, but the world's greatest city has several fascinating natural attractions around it. The amazing Niagara Fall, the scenic Hudson River Valley, Long Island, Finger Lakes, Saratoga Springs, and world-renowned cities of Philadelphia and Washnigton D.C., are all located around New York. Explore all these tourist attractions around New York and much more with World Flights Hotels. For your quick reference, our team has selected the best and most popular tourist attractions around New York.

Tourist Attractions Around New York

Niagara Falls: Located in western New York State between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls is one of the world's most spectacular tourist attractions on the North American continent. Over 10 million tourists visit Niagara Falls each year, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

There are three main waterfalls on Niagara River, including the Canadian Falls and American Falls. The American Falls measure 56 meters (180 ft) in height, 328 meters (1,075 ft) in width. The American Falls look spectacular at night, when various combinations of colored lights fall on it.

Long Island: Located at a short train ride east of Manhattan, Long Island is the largest Island in the continental United States. Covering an area over 1,377 square miles, the 118 miles long island is known for its world-class beaches and seaside resorts, providing endless opportunities of funs and recreations to visitors. It's one of the favorite vacation spot for New Yorkers.

Hudson River Valley: Located north of NYC, the Hudson River Valley is known for its dramatic mountain sceneries and busy boat traffic. The valley offers ideal opportunities for an exciting range of recreations including boating, sailing, fishing and other water sports. The region adjoining the valley also has some fascinating historical attractions.

Finger Lakes: One of the popular vacation destinations in the United States, the Finger Lakes region is known for its picturesque lakes, lush green forests, resorts, wineries, and water recreation areas. There are also famous museums and historic attractions in the Finger Lakes region. The region offers you endless opportunities for fun and recreation.

Saratoga Springs: Saratoga Springs is a popular spa and horseracing center around New York. The area is known for its scenic beauty and historic mansions, providing a lot of fun and excitement to its visitors. Among major tourist attractions here include the Saratoga Raceway and the Saratoga Race Course. The raceway is known as the world's most beautiful harness track and features races nine months a year.

West Point Museum: Located just 2-hour bus-ride from NYC, the West Point Museum is the oldest and largest military museum in the United States. Originally opened in 1854, the museum houses the extensive collection of military artifacts, showcasing the History of West Point, History of Warfare, History of the Army as well as technological history of small and large weapons.