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Budget Hotels in London

A budget hotel, also classified as a One Star or a Two Star Hotel, is an accommodation where you can avail rooms at low costs. Though affordable rates attract tourists to these hotels, you must remember that you can enjoy only limited room services in budget hotels. That is why many tourists avoid staying at the budget hotels if costs are not the issue on a holiday. London, one of the most frequented vacation destinations in the world, has a large number and type of hotels, budget hotels being one of them. We take you on a journey of the best budget hotels in London and help you to enjoy a very affordable stay in the English capital.

Best Budget Hotels in London

Check out our list of the best London budget hotels and choose according to your convenient area of putting up in the English city.

  1. Belvedere Hotel

  2. 52-54 Norfolk Square, Paddington London, W2 1RT, United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7723-8848
    This is a two star hotel in London that offers bed and breakfast facilities to boarders. The hotel has existed on London soil since the year 1850 and is today run by a resident family. The services offered in the Belvedere Hotel have received very good reviews from boarders over the years. Not only do the rooms in this hotel have attached toilets and a television set, it also boasts of a telephone connection, selected toiletries and tea & coffee making machines. The hotel also serves standard English breakfast to its guests and is located in the main city center where there are the best restaurants and shopping malls. The tariff for each room starts from 63 pounds inclusive of the breakfast.

  3. Lancaster Court Hotel

  4. 202-204 Sussex Gardens, Paddington Garden, W2 3UA, United Kingdom
    Ph No. 31-20-5313300
    The Lancaster Court is a two star hotel located near the Hyde Park area of London. This is one of the best locations for staying in the city as it is close to all other important tourist destinations in London. The popular shopping arena of London, comprising of Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street, is also located close to the hotel area. A chief attraction of the Lancaster Court Hotel is the continental breakfast that is served here which is inclusive in the rate that a family has to pay for one room. The Heathrow Express services and the Paddington railway station are a mere 2 minutes walk from this hotel. So tourists, both travelers and business professionals, frequent this London budget hotel. The rates of this London hotel start from 85 pounds for a single room.

  5. Garden View Hotel

  6. 29-31 Nevern Square, Earls Court London, SW5 9PE, United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7835-1900
    The location of this London hotel is in a residential area of the Kensington area of London. This is the reason why several travelers miss the hotel if they are not aware from before. However it is built in the middle of a very picturesque garden square and is very well equipped with all the modern facilities required by travelers. There are a total of 61 rooms available for boarding in this London hotel; the size of the rooms varies from the small to the medium. The chief attraction of these rooms is the Wi-Fi connection provided as a complimentary service in all rooms. The tariff of the rooms begins from 57 pounds per small room.

  7. Somerset Hotel

  8. 6 Dorset Square, Marylebone London, NW1 6QA, United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7723-0741
    Another 19th century hotel, the Somerset is known for its grand construction. Located in the centre of Central London, the main advantage of staying in this London budget hotel is that you will be minutes away from the Marylebone railway station and the Baker Street station. Hence travel from one part of London to another is very easy if you are a boarder at the Somerset Hotel. The services offered at this hotel are not much varied though.

  9. Shakespeare & Dolphin Hotel
  10. 22-34 Norfolk Square, Bayswater London, W2 1RS, United Kingdom Ph No. 020-7402-4949 The location of this hotel in London is very beautiful and pleasant and hence preferred by several tourists. Trees lining the hotels add to the natural beauty of this location; moreover, this place is also accessible from all parts of London. Perhaps the main reason why people like to stay at the Shakespeare & Dolphin Hotel is that the restaurant serves a variety of cuisine like Chinese, Italian, Greek and even Indian. Lunch or even a light evening snack can be enjoyed sitting inside this beautiful restaurant. Hotel tariffs start from 55 pounds for only the room.

If you are going for a London holiday, stay in the budget hotels in London and spend the best London trip ever!