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Four Star Hotels in London

A hotel or a place of accommodation is built so that a traveler who has come to a place to tour its various sites or for some official work may find a place of shelter away from home. Hotels are available in different types and hence different tariffs to suit the needs of different sections of the society. One category of hotel found in several places of tourist interest is the Four Star hotel. Also known as the First Class hotel, these hotels provide certain amenities which distinguish them from other categories of hotels. London, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, also has some of the best hotels in the world, many among which are classified as four star hotels. Let us take you on a tour of the best four star hotels in London.


List of Four Star Hotels in London


  1. The Chesterfield

  2. 35 Charles Street, London
    Ph No. 020-7491-2622
    This hotel is one of the most renowned among London four star hotels. According to a survey held a few years back by the International Herald Tribune in London, the Chesterfield makes your stay in London even more beautiful and fun. Moreover, the tariffs of the hotel are completely in accordance with the services provided. In fact, The Chesterfield rooms are available at very reasonable rates. Located just miles away from the Green Park area of London, this hotel is one of the favorite halts for tourists who stop at the restaurant here for an evening drink. The staff of The Chesterfield also gives you a tour of the hotel rooms even if you are not a boarder.

  3. Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington

  4. 4-18 Harrington Gardens London, England SW7 4LH United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7331-6195
    This modern hotel in South Kensington is located very close to the Gloucester Road Underground station of London. Also, its closeness to the Millennium Conference Centre makes the hotel very popular to visitors who come for business purposes to London. The lobby of the hotel and its bar and lounge area are popular attractions to tourists. The Millennium Gloucester also has the best dining area among all hotels in London; the air conditioning system of the hotel has also won the praise of the boarders. Want to enjoy outdoor activities when you are still inside the hotel? Try the horse riding facility available here.

  5. The Rembrandt

  6. 11 Thurloe Place London, England SW7 2RS United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7589-8100
    Located in the prosperous Knightsbridge area of London, The Rembrandt is a popular place of accommodation because it is situated very near to the Albert and the Victoria Museums of London. The hotel is very particular about confirming the identities of boarders, therefore security is never an issue at The Rembrandt. The hotel authorities do not allow pets inside the hotel premises. The fitness centre and the lounge area of The Rembrandt are so popular that the hotel sees everyday visitors who only come here to enjoy the spa facilities and a quiet drink.

  7. Grange Langham Court

  8. 31 35 Langham Street London, England W1W 7AS United Kingdom
    Ph No. 020-7436-6622
    With the Trafalgar Square, the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben situated at walking distance, it is understandable why the Grange Langham Court is the chosen accommodation for tourists from all over the world. The high speed internet services and the best television channels are added attractions of this London hotel. The complimentary toiletries that you get once you check in at this four star hotel in London chiefly attract not only the females but also couples on honeymoon in London. Though 24 hours room service is available, the restaurant at Grange Langham Court serves only breakfast, one of the disadvantages of staying here.

  9. The International Hotel

  10. 163 Marsh Wall London, England E14 9SJ United Kingdom
    Ph No. 0871-222-0042
    Overlooking the waterfront of the London Dockyard, this hotel is most preferred by visitors on business since it is located in a business district of London. Since the International Hotel receives a large number of visitors who come here for business, the conference hall of this London hotel is very large and very well equipped. Asides the LCD projector, the blackout drapes and the audiovisual equipments of the International Hotel’s conference room, the interior decorations have also won the attention and praise of visitors.

    If you are on a London vacation this year, make this London tour memorable by staying in these lovely four star hotels in London.