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Thistle Piccadilly Hotel

Basic Data
City London
Location Conventry Street,
Central London, W1D 6BZ
Rooms 92

Thistle Piccadilly, London is located between Leicester Square and Piccadilly circusCircus. This hotel is considered to be one of the finest hotels among the three star hotels in London.

Accommodation at Thistle Piccadilly, London
There are 92 bedrooms at Thistle Piccadilly, London which also includes executive suites. The rooms of the hotel are all equipped with modern facilities. Be sure if you select this hotel, it will turn out to be a lifetime experience for you. You can relax and indulge in the comforts provided at the room.

Dining at Thistle Piccadilly, London
Thistle Piccadilly in London also offers dining facility. There is a restaurant at the hotel which is known as the Pavillion restaurant Restaurant that serves only breakfast. Guests also dine at the nearby Thistle Trafalgar Square and if they want they can charge the bill back to their own room. Apart from this there is also a well stocked bar which is Cupid Bar where too guests indulge when they feel like.

Business at Thistle Piccadilly, London
Thistle Piccadilly at London also has excellent provision for business. Although there is no specific meeting room at the hotel however you can avail these facilities from other London Thistle hotels. The hotel staff can always help you out with this.

Recreation at Thistle Piccadilly
Recreational facilities are also available at the hotel. As this hotel is very well located, hence you can explore other areas of London easily from here. For instance places like Convent Garden, West End Theatres and bars, Oxford streetStreet and Regent streetStreet all are close from here.

Other facilities at Thistle Piccadilly, London
Some of the other facilities are also provided at the hotel. You can get the BT Open zone wireless Internet access in every area of the hotel.

City Info
London is a place which has a rich cultural history to boast of. The day here never semsseems to end and the nights are equally lively. ItsIt’s a city which is always on the run and it is an unmistakable quality , that stimulates and irritates in equal measure. ItsIt’s more like a cosmopolitan blend of third and the first world.