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Madame Tussaud's Las Vegas

Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas is one of the top attractions in the city, which draws countless visitors each year. This popular wax museum in Las Vegas is situated in front of the Venetian Resort and Casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The gallery that first opened 200 years ago still features the same appeal among the tourists. Throughout the years, MadameTussaud’s tried to offer new experiences to its visitors. The museum takes you close to the celebrities and stars and lets you catch a glimpse of the wax models of your favorite personalities. The museum is home to wax models of famous celebrities from the field of sports, movies, politics, as well as historic legends. See beautiful wax models of your favorite stars and revive the events and the moment that made them so famous.

Events at Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas

A visit to Madame Tussaud’s is surely a unique experience. The wax museum is an ideal venue for planning any special event. This museum is home to the wax models of world’s topmost celebrities. The museum boasts of six themed rooms that feature a Hollywood party with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt as guests and a sports arena featuring Shaquille O'Neal and Tiger Woods. You and your guests can actually touch, interact, and be clicked with lifelike figures. The museum also offers you the opportunity of booking the complete space for your guests. However, the reservation policy depends on the size and requirement of your event. Some of the events that are held in the wax museum are as follows:

  • Dinners - Sit down and buffet
  • Receptions
  • Product Launches
  • Spouse Luncheons
  • Breakfast Functions

    The wax museum is also an ideal place to plan a much more intimate event. The Spirit of America experience offers you and your guests the opportunity of getting close and personal with some of the prominent historical figures. The Spirit of America experience features an interactive and multi-media session with integrated sound in its 6X2 video cubed wall. In addition, an event booked in Spirit of America lets you indulge in all the interactive sessions and explore the attraction to its fullest. If you want to book a special event at Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas, you can call the number - (702) 862-7805. • Wedding in Madame Tussaud’s The Las Vegas wax museum is a perfect location to plan your wedding, vow renewals, or commitment ceremonies right among the stars. This Las Vegas attraction provides one of the rarest opportunities to get wed in the presence of your favorite celebrity. The wax museum’s ‘Chapel of the Dreams’ offers an unparalleled setting to plan your wedding unlike any other chapels in the Las Vegas strip. The chapel gives you the chance to get one of the memorable experiences of your lifetime. You can either plan your wedding at the museum or look forward to celebrating your 50th anniversary at this Las Vegas attraction. The wax museum also organizes guided tours throughout the area after the wedding ceremony gets over.

    Madame Tussaud’s School Visit

    This popular Las Vegas attraction also arranges school visits, which allow the students to gather knowledge. The wax museum with a rich cultural history creates an exciting learning experience for the students. The students get the option of learning along with some entertainment. The Spirit of America room provides the students an enriching learning experience about the historical figures. A guided tour throughout the area is also organized where students can touch the models and get clicked with the celebrities.
    To book your school field trip, you can call the number (702) 862.7810.

    Madame Tussaud’s Attractions

    This Las Vegas attraction itself is home to various attractions that offer the guests a fun and entertaining experience. Some of the attractions of Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas are as follows:

  • Putt with Tiger
  • Sing for Simon
  • Turn Blue
  • Viva Vegas
  • Marry Clooney
  • In bed with 'Hef'
  • Shoot hoops with 'shaq'
  • Celebrate with Chuck Liddel

    Contact Details:
    Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas
    3377 Las Vegas Boulevard, South Suite 2001
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    Opening Hours – 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (365 days a year)

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