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Las Vegas Airports

The McCarran International Airport is the main commercial airport in Las Vegas and Clark County. Located at a distance of five miles (8 km) south of the central business district, the airport serves as a base for various airlines. The airport spanning across an area of 2,800 acres consists of four runways. The International Airport in Las Vegas is owned by Clark County and run by Clark County Department of Aviation (DOA). The McCarran International Airport is the principal operational base for both Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air.

The Southwest Airlines operated maximum number of flights in the McCarran International Airport than any other airport. Southwest Airlines presently operates out of 21 gates, mainly in concourse C. The Canadian Airline WestJet has become the leading international carrier since 2008.

Las Vegas Airport Airlines

The International Airport of Las Vegas features both commercial and cargo flights. The leading scheduled passenger airlines at McCarran International Airport in accordance to the first 11 months of 2009 are the following:

  • American Airlines - 5.5%
  • Delta Air Lines or Delta Connection - 5.6%
  • United Airlines or United Express - 6.9%
  • US Airways or US Airways Express - 11.8%
  • Southwest Airlines - 38.3%

    Terminals of Las Vegas Airport

    The McCarran International Airport hosts two public passenger terminals. The other terminals of the airport serve as a base to sightseeing flights, cargo, private aircraft, and US government contractors. A free shuttle service operates within the terminals.

    Terminal 1 of the Las Vegas International Airport consists of around 96 gates in four concourses.
  • Concourse A - A1, A3-A5, A7, A8, A10-A12, A14, A15, A17-A24
  • Concourse B - B1-B4, B6, B8-B12, B14, B15, B17, B19-B25
  • Concourse C - C1-C4, C5, C7-C9, C11, C12, C14, C16, C18, C19, C21-C25
  • Concourse D - D1-D12, D14, D16-D26, D31-D43, D50-D58 Terminal 2 of the Las Vegas International Airport mainly serves as a base to all international and charter flights into Las Vegas. The terminal consists of around 8 gates. Four of such eight gates have facilities for serving international flights.
    McCarran International Airport has a terminal that solely operates cargo flights. The airlines operating cargo flights are FedEx Express that flies to Memphis and UPS Airlines that flies to Louisville, Ontario.

    Transportation of Las Vegas International Airport

    The International Airport of Las Vegas offers ground transportation from Tropicana Avenue to the north and Las Vegas Beltway to the south. Cars get into the airport through the McCarran Airport Connector which consists of the airport tunnel and Paradise Road or Swenson Street. Taxicabs in Las Vegas are run by various firms to serve the airport. The public bus service of Las Vegas, RTC Transit, also offers transportation service to the airport. Direct bus services are not available from the airport to the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Rental Car Facility
    The Rental Car Facility located at a distance of 3 miles (4.8 km) from the airport offers around 5, 000 parking areas. Free transportation from the airport terminals to the facility is being offered by around 40 buses. This car rental facility had around 11 car rental companies at the time of its establishment. Visitors can reach the car rental facility through the US Interstate215 or by bus

    Las Vegas Airport Facilities

    The International Airport of Las Vegas offers diverse facilities for passengers waiting to board flights. The VIP lounge in Terminal 2 is only meant for business travelers of various airlines. The airport also features free wireless Internet access across the terminals. Terminal 1 of the airport has an Internet kiosk. The airport also offers services related to financial matters and communications. Las Vegas Airport is home to various restaurants, coffee shops, lounges, fast food joints and bars. Shopping is yet another facility that is offered by the McCarran International Airport of Las Vegas. There are a number of slot machines and shops in all its terminals. Terminal 2 of the airport is home to various duty free shops.

    Some other facilities offered by the airport are as follows:
    • A bank
    • ATMs
    • Post office
    • A first aid clinic
    • A children’s play area
    • Medical and fitness centers
    • An aviation museum

  • Disabled Facilities of Las Vegas Airport
    Both the terminals of the airport feature TDD phones for hearing impaired passengers. A TDD information line is available at the airport and the number is (702)2613111. Wheelchairs are also offered at the airport. You can either dial the number (702)2615475 or make use of the courtesy phone (5475) to avail the service. Las Vegas International Airport offers well-equipped disabled restrooms.

  • Las Vegas Airport Parking
    The International Airport of Las Vegas offers various parking facilities for the passengers. Both the airport terminals offer short-term and long-term parking along with open car parks. Free shuttle buses also offer remote parking facilities to the passengers during rush hours. The airport also offers the facility for valet parking. You can contact the parking office by dialing the number (702)2615122 for further details.

  • Las Vegas Airport Hotels
    The airport does not feature any on-site hotel but many hotels are located near the airport. The Las Vegas Strip is home to various hotels that offer an easy access to the airport. These airport hotels also offer hotel to airport luggage transfer and shuttle service at an additional charge. Some of the hotels near the Las Vegas Airport are the following:
    • Bellagio - Tel: (702) 693 7111
    • Flamingo Hilton - Tel: (702) 697 2900
    • Planet Hollywood Resort - Tel: (702) 785 5555
    • Caesar's Palace - Tel: 1 866 227 5938
    • Marriott Suites - Tel: (702) 650 2000
    • Mandalay Bay - Tel: (702) 632 7777
    • New York-New York - Tel: 1 800 689 1797
    • MGM Grand -Tel: (702) 891 7777

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