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Las Vegas Travel Information

The city of Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada in the western region of the United States of America. Las Vegas is the ranked as the 28th most populous city in the country. However the city of Las Vegas is famous for a number of reasons apart from its geographical location. It is a city that offers ventilation to some of the most sinful human tendencies like gambling and betting. Casino culture is legal here and thus the city is home to some of the most thriving and gorgeously lit casinos of the world.

The location of Las Vegas was established on 1905. However in the year 1911 Las Vegas was officially declared as a city. It went on to become a place of international repute as a destination for gambling, glamour and shopping. The city boasts of some of the most remarkable innovative and expensive hotel accommodations of the world.

Tourism and gambling are the two important employers and contributors in the rapid growth of Las Vegas. According to estimates, Las Vegas draws over 37 million visitors every year, with majority being the fun seekers. Las Vegas is not all about its hotels, casinos and theme attractions, but the city is also known for its amazing museums, theme parks, and wedding chapels. Among not to be missed tourist attractions in Vegas include the Fremont Street Experience, artificial Volcano eruptions at the Mirage Hotel, dancing Fountains of Bellagio Resort, The Circus Circus theme park, interactive Star Trek show at Hilton Hotel & Casino, St. Mark's Place and the Canals of Venice within the Venetian, the Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Hotel, and much more. Truly, there isn't a place like Las Vegas anywhere else in the world!

Las Vegas Culture
- An important aspect of the culture of Las Vegas is its blatant unpretentiousness. The people and the activities of the place make it apparent to all that it is close to ‘Heaven’ for some while it may resemble as ‘Hell’ for others. Despite many attributes of a city that endorses activities that are elsewhere discarded in many other parts of the world.
Las Vegas Weather
– The location of Las Vegas is on the region of arid desert of Clark county. It is surrounded by dry mountains with much of the landscape giving way to a rocky and dusty environment. There is very little rainfall in the region with an average of 300 sunny days in a year