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Italy Wine Tours

Since the ancient times, the Italians are known for their spectacular art, delicious food and of course a wide variety of fine wines. A vacation in Italy is certainly incomplete without going on an Italy wine tour. Italian wine is one of the major attractions of the region. In case you happen to be one of those who have a fascination for quality wine, then Italy is sure to delight you.

Wine Regions in Italy:


Because of the temperate climate in Italy all through out the year, the nation houses a total of twenty major regions known for wine growing. These regions include the islands of Sardinia and Sicily as well. Italy is also known for growing more than 2000 varieties of indigenous grapes. No matter whichever part of Italy you stop over, there is most likely to be a winery within its close proximity with a backdrop of scenic hills at a distance and numerous grape rows.
While on a wine tour in Italy, you can put up at the medieval castles which are offered by many of the wineries in the region. They also provide modern amenities and high standard dining.

How to visit a winery in Italy?

You have four ways to choose from:

  1. Hire a car and spend a few days visiting different wine estates in the region.
  2. Food and wine tours in Italy
  • Movimento Turismo del Vino yearly event
  • Day trips


Italian Wine Tours:

If you are a foodie and appreciate different kinds of food and wine, then you should definitely consider including Italy Wine Tours in your travel plan. There are numerous wineries in the region and therefore trying to accommodate all within your limited time, might just be too hectic and tiring. Instead, take out 3-4 days from your Italy schedule, select a couple of wineries and spend your time enjoying every moment of your stay.

The country produces different kinds of wines, which include red and white. The most popular Italian red wines are light Barbera, the cherry-purfumed Dolcetto, and the zesty Grignolino to name a few. Nebbiolo grapes are used to produce several different varieties of red wines, the most popular ones being Barbaesco, heady Barolo, long-lived and garnet-tinged. Popular Italian white wines include Arneis, Erbaluce, Brachetto, Spumante and Moscato.

Wine tasting and buying:

There are several places in Italy which offer wine tasting for free; however you are expected to buy a bottle, once you have decided which one to pick.
Some of these places include:


Address: Corso Liberta 65/A, Canelli
Wines: Sparkling wines from the regions of Asti, along with grappa and other spirits
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 10:30am - 3pm/6-8pm
Telephone: (+39) 0141-832182

Address: Palazzo Crovo. Via Crovo #2, Nizza Monferrato
Wines: Barbera d'Asti, with spirit, grappa, and other local products
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 11am-1pm/3-8 pm
Telephon: (+39) 0141-793350

Piemontese "Cavour"
Address: Castello di Grinzane Cavour. Via Castello 5, Grinzano Cavour
Wines: different kinds of wine from Piedmont region.
Opening Hours: 9:30am-1pm/3-7pm (closed on Tuesday)
Telephone: (+39) 0173-262159

Address: Piazza del Municipio 7, Barbaresco
Wines: Grappas and Barbaresco
Opening Hours: 9:30am-6:00pm (closed on Wednesday)
Telephone: (+39) 0173-635251

Address: Castello Comunale, Barolo
Wines: Barolo
Opening Hours: 10am-12:30pm/3-6:30pm (closed on Thursday)
Telephone: (+39) 0173-56277
So, now that you have an idea about Italy wine tours, don’t miss to include it in your tour plan and experience the best of Italian wines, which is sure to delight your taste buds.


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