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Italy Vacation Tours

Over 2,000 year old rich history, magnificent collections of arts, diverse culture, splendid historical monuments, and archeological sites are few things which make Italy a popular tourist destination. There are many sights, attractions and places to see in Italy and the best way to see it is though Italy vacation tours. When it comes to selecting a vacation tour of Italy, there are many options. You can also ask a tour agent to make a customized Italy vacation tour for your trip. To decide an itinerary for this tour, you must have an idea about the attractions in the country and the places you want to visit.

Types of Italy vacation tours


There are vacation tours and excursions of Italy for all types of travelers. You just need to decide, which one is suitable for your choice and preferences. Some of the popular ones are – private tours, luxury tours, first-class tours, regional tours, budget tours, regional tours, day tours, package tours, shore excursions, walking tours, 10-day tours, group tour and city tours among others. Before selecting any of the tours, make sure that you know exactly what things are included in the package.


Italy Tours


There is nothing like visiting the country at your own pace and choose the attractions that you want to see. You can create your own personalized Italy vacation, and see the attractions by traveling in a hired car. Given here are some Italy vacation tours that you can select from:


  • 10 day tour of Italy: this tour can begin with a two night stay at Naples. There you enjoy visiting places like ruins of Pompeii, trip to island of Capri, visit to The National Archaeological Museum and many other churches and historical structure in the city. Hiking and biking tours, visit to local museums, dining at exotic restaurants and seeing the display art in galleries are also included in this tour. In Venice you can go for wine tasting offered by local wineries. After Venice, you can head over to Rome where you can visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel etc.
    • Group tours to Italy: this tour is the best way for you to have lots of fun while traveling in a large group. As this is a group tour, you will also get to save lots of money because you will share the expense with others. Group tours can include a trip for a family reunion, excursion groups, trips to celebrate special occasion and so on. You just need to get in touch with a tour operator and tell them what you want.
  • Mini tour packages: small tour packages comprise of trips to cultural and historical landmarks located in different parts of the country. It can be for duration of 2 to 3 nights, depending on the location and your preference, if you take a customized tour. On the mini tour you can visit popular destinations, prominent landmarks and get a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle, culture and food habit of Italians. Mini tours enable to you have more fun through your own unique tour itineraries.


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