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Italy Travel Tips

Italy, one of the most popular tourist destinations featuring around 44 world heritage sites, have witnessed a significant appeal among tourists. Traveling any city requires a good planning and travel tips come to the best help during the planning. Italy travel tips will surely offer you with good knowledge about the city’s various regulations and other tourist necessities to help you plan your vacation better.Traveling Italy with a prior knowledge about the city’s regulation and currency exchange policy, transportation, safety tips, and other tourist necessities is sure to plan a better vacation for you.


The country mainly famous for its art and cultural heritage boasts of cities like, Venice, Rome, and Florence. These Italian cities are considered a hotspot for the art lovers from across the world. Milan on the other hand has developed itself as a major financial hub and is often referred top as the fashion capital in Italy.


Italy, apart from its rich artistic treasure is also famous for many other tourist attractions. The country offers a good vacationing escape to tourists of all kinds, be it the nature lovers or the adventure lovers. You can opt for a hike in the Dolomites or ski in the Alps, or even prefer for a ride across the Sardinia’s golden coast. You can even plan a trip to Sicily’s volatile volcanoes to catch a glimpse of the fireworks.


When to Visit Italy


The peak tourist season of Italy is during the months of June to September. You can also plan a visit during the spring season (months of April and May) or during the fall or autumn season (months of September- November). These two seasons is considered the best season of planning a trip to Italy, as you will find lower rates and shorter queues along with a pleasant climatic condition.


A look at the Italy travel tips, before planning a visit, on arrival, and getting around Italy will help you plan your vacation better.


Tips to Travel to Italy


Here is a list of general traveling tips that will surely help you plan your vacation better and enjoy it to the fullest.

  • It is always advisable that overseas or foreign travelers to Italy should opt for a medical, dental, or optical check-up to avoid any unwanted surprise on the roads. Travel insurance is very much required for the trip.

  • Always have a check on the validity of your passport. Your passport should remain valid for at least the length of your foreign trip. Citizens of most of the western countries including Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Canada are given a stay permit of 3 months on arrival provided they are visiting the country as tourists and not for any other purposes.


  • Always carry a bag and pack light. You have to carry the luggage on your own, as not all hotels have elevators and porters are not common on trains.

  • It is always advisable that you learn a bit about the history and culture of Europe before planning a trip to Italy. Though Italy does not boast of an all round European culture, yet it has an influence of the same. A little knowledge on this will help you better understand the art and cultural heritage of the country.


Tips on Arriving Italy


Here is a list of some useful Italy travel tips that would offer you with instant help on your arrival on this European nation.

  • The time zone of Italy is GMT/UTC +1.0, +2.0 from late March to late October. Start being acquainted to the Italian time zone, as soon as you plan a visit to the country.


  • Always make sure that you are carrying an equivalent of at least 200 USD dollars in Euros before leaving the airport. Taxis in Italy do not accept US dollars. You can exchange your dollars with Euros either at home or on your arrival at the airport or train station.


  • If your destination airport is Fiumcino airport in Rome, you can opt for the Leonardo Express train to Rome's Termini Station. This train leaves every half an hour from 6am - 11pm for 11 Euros.


  • It is also advisable that you book a hotel for the first night. You can either opt for a consolidator such as Hotel Club offering good deals or opt for any luxurious hotel at the Italian cities. For the first day, relax and stroll around the city to know it better.


Travel Tips during your Italy Vacation


Here is a list of some of the Italy traveling tips while on the country offering a safe and enjoyable stay


  • Do not worry if you cannot speak Italian. Try to make yourself understandable through sign languages and gestures in case the place is strictly Italian. In other cases, you will always have English –speaking people at your convenience.


  • While eating out in Italy, you should always remember few points. Most of the restaurants serve “set menus” during the lunchtime. This “set menu” comes at a good price and serves soup, main course and desert featuring local specialties. Always remember “set menus” always include a drink, be it water, coke, or wine, in the menu. Having a meal in Italy without a glass of wine is a bit unusual.


  • While on an Italy visit, you will often find booking system in popular art galleries and museums. You can book your tickets either online or via phone. You can even opt for a booking through your hotel.

Tips for Traveling within Italy


Here is a list of Italy travel tips that would make traveling in and around the country much easier.


  • If you have decided to purchase a Eurail pass for your train travel, always make sure that you have purchased it prior to your arrival on Italy. Always keep in mind that Eurail pass available to those over 25 years are generally a first class pass only.


  • Italy is well connected through ferries with other countries in the world like, Slovenia, Tunisia, Greece, France, and Malta.Ferries within Italy operate from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.


  • Italy also boasts of good bus services in and around the country. There are places in Italy connected by buses and not by trains. However, for tourists with not a good Italian, the trains offer a more convenient service.

  • Italy is a safe country with reports of minor thefts and pick pocketing. While going for sightseeing, avoid carrying valuables and other important documents in your bag. Also avoid carrying one-shoulder sling bags; this is the major target for motorbike thieves. The vulnerable sites of such attacks are big stations and popular tourist attractions. Carry backpacks in front than back and keep your cameras and bags across your body.


Italy travel tips offer a complete guide to getting in and around the country with an outlook on certain tourist necessities.


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