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Shopping in Venice

Venice, a scenic city in Italy is popularly called the city of palaces and canals. It is built on 117 small islands and has 150 canals and 409 bridges. The Grand Canal is the main "route" of Venice, where beautiful and effective gondolas are the most popular means of transportation. The architectural masterpieces which give this city its uniqueness reflect the elegance of Italian craftsmanship. It is one of the most famous travel getaways in the world.
Shopping in Venice
When it comes to shopping Venice is a traveler's paradise. The cheap goods stores and middle-market-to-upscale boutiques are there in Mercerie running North between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. More expensive garments and gift shops make for great window-shopping experience on Calle Larga XXII Marzo, the big street that begins west of Piazza San Marco and goes to the grand Campo Santo Stefano near the Accademia. The narrow streets of Frezzeria, also west of the piazza and not far from Piazza San Marco, is well known for its bars, souvenir shops, and garment stores.

From antiques, books, artifacts, foodstuffs, jewellery, glass goods, leather items, linens & lace, masks, paper products, wine- you just name what you want to buy and carry home as souvenirs from Venice. You will get everything. You can get it for cheap if you are good in the art of bargaining. For people who don't have monetary issues, Venice provides lots of quality, class and elegance. Depending on your budget, preference and taste you can either go for the bigger brands or you can walk the streets of Venice and check out the lea market which stocks knick knacks and reasonably priced garments. Carrying a mask back home is a very good idea as masks are an integral part of this city is it due to the great Shakespearean play or due to the masquerades during the Venice Carnival. Carry some Italian wine back home to sip, savor, and think about the trip to Venice. Jewellery in Venice comes in millions as well as in meager amounts.

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