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Rialto Bridge

The Northern Italy city of Venice is a hub of several tourist attractions. There are various cultural and historical sites in the city. The ancient buildings, museums, and bridges are sought after places of visit for global tourists. Venice is the capital of Veneto region in Italy and famous for industry and marine life. It is well known as "City of Water" and "City of Bridges". In this "City of Bridges", a prominent attraction is the Rialto Bridge.


About Rialto Bridge


Rialto Bridge is the ancient and of one of the four bridges over the Grand Canal in Italy. It is presently, an arch bridge of stone built between 1588 and 1591. Initially a wooden bridge, it was later designed with inclined ramps on each side and has a portico. It served the purpose of import, export, and transportation of goods. The bridge is built much higher than the sea bottom and initial construction was a difficult thing.


Today, it is among the top attractions of the city of Venice. People stop by the bridge while sailing in the boats. It bridge stands as a memorabilia of Venice as a marine power. Big cargo ships would pass below the Rialto Bridge to sell merchandise. Trading activities by German wholesalers would take place at this region.


Features of Rialto Bridge


Rialto Bridge in Venice is an iconic structure in the city today. It attracts a significant number of tourists every year.


According to history, the present structure of the Rialto stone bridge was designed by Antonia da Ponte in a single span and opened in 1591. It resembled the earlier wooded bridge in style. Other side of the portico has the shops that were part of the Rialto market from where the bridge derives its name.


The bridge measures 22.90 meters in width, 7.32 meters in height, and spans at 28.80 meters over the canal.


Rialto Bridge attractions


The historical significance, architecture, and design of the bridge make it appealing to tourists. The both ends of the portico are a host to the Rialto market where there are shops, restaurants, and cafes. People taking boat tours over the canal also stop by the bridge to enjoy great food and drink. The shops also sell many Italian specialties, home d?cor items, and handicrafts.


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