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Eating Out in Venice

Venice, a city infested with tourists all throughout the year, is quite well known for its eating out options too. The restaurants provide you with a wide range of food from all over the world and delightful Italian cuisine which makes your eating out in Venice worth remembering.The specialties are generally fish and vegetable based.

Eating Out in Venice

There are many restaurants near the Rialto Market offereing mouth watering delicacies. Campo Santa Margherita near Piazzalle Roma and the University consists of numerous pubs, bakeries, gelaterie (ice cream shops) and pizzerias. In summer it's the only area that stays open until late at night. This is also the place where actors, directors, architects, designers and a range of other artistic types come and spend time with some good food and beverage.

San Marco, the most prestigious area of Venice is the place to visit if you want an elegant and expensive dining experience in Venice. Harry's Bar, Do Forni and Antico Pignolo are few famous names in this place and the food they serve are definitely a bon vivant's dream come true. You can also go to the outskirts of the city. The Castello district has some superb restaurants like Franz, near the Santo Stefano church and Da Fiore, which will give you the real taste of Italian cuisine.

Tourist menu in these restaurants generally have two courses- antipasta and main course. Antipasta will provide you with a choice between four pasta-based preparations and Lasagna is an obvious favorite. Main course comprises of either veil or chicken with a salad.

If you want to avoid restaurants just to have something different or to avoid the unnecessary expenses on costly restaurants, Venice has many options for you. Snack bars serving exquisite paninis and pizzas will provide you with tasty, filling and cheap food. You can also eat something which people in Venice eat. Cichetti, a similar dish to Spanish tapas and Osterias will definitely give your taste buds the Italian pampering they are famous for.

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