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Bridge of Sighs

Venice is an important tourist destination with thousands thronging the place every year. The city is noted for its cultural and historic attractions even today. It is known as the “City of Bridges” and the “Floating City” as the lanes of Venice is mostly covered with water and boats are the main transportation. The marine life and ships has made it a prominent place to visit. There is ancient bridges f the 15th and 16th century Italy that are still maintained and used for public use.


About Bridge of Sighs


The Bridge of Sighs also known as the Ponte dei Sospiri in Italy is an ancient bridge in the city of Venice. It is one of the famous bridges of northern Italy that is built with sandstone. It is mainly an enclosed bridge that is constructed entirely with white limestone and has small bar windows.


History of Bridge of Sighs


This limestone bridge in the city was designed by Antonio Contino in 1602. It was located across the Rio di Palazzo or palace in Venice and linked the prisons with the rooms of interrogations in Doge’s Palace. The bridge could be well viewed from the old prisons in the palace. It is said that the bridge was the last beautiful structure that the prisoners could see before being imprisoned or executed. They would see the last of Venice and sigh on their fate.


The bridge was suggested to be named “Bridge of Sighs” by Lord Baron in 19th century. He said that the prisoners would sigh after seeing the bridge while walking down the cells. But, the reality was different. It is revealed that the bridge was built only after the period of executions were over and Italy had seen better rule. The view of the bridge from the prison was also obstructed by the window bars. So, the early story was refuted with modern revelations.


Bridge of Signs attractions


Besides the architecture and design of the bridge, honeymooners visit the place because of a popular myth. It is believed that the bridge is a sign of eternal love and happy life with one’s spouse if visited after sunset. The lovers need to kiss on any of the gondola for luck.


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