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Rome Tours

Romantic, historic, glorious and magnificent, are some adjectives which describe the eternal city of Rome. Romance is the first thing to cross your mind, when we talk of Rome. If you are on a vacation in Italy, Rome should be one of the first few destinations to visit. Of course, the city being the capital of Italy draws more attention from tourists than other Italian cities. The place has a lot in store and Rome tours allow you to experience everything the city offers.

Monuments like the medieval bell towers, elaborate basilicas, Renaissance palaces, imperial temples, the magnificent Coliseum, the lofty Vatican and several other baroque architectural marvel, make Rome a truly marvelous city which you just can't afford to miss. Again the ancient Christian Churches, Republican meeting rooms, Etruscan tombs testify the turbulent times the city has witnessed in the past.

The city offers different types of Rome tours that you can consider availing. Taking a professionally guided tour is a better option than making your own tour plan, especially if this is your first visit to the city.

Different kinds of Rome tours:

Walking tours in Rome:

The city is ideal for walking tours. Make sure you keep enough time in hand for at least a days walking tour in the city. Strolling around will help you explore and absorb the region better.

There are several guided walking tours that Rome offers. Go for one of those or just do it yourself. Visit Rome’s Tourism Office, where you will get more information on various tourist attractions around the region also don’t forget to collect a map of the city. City maps always come handy and help you explore the region better.

Bus tours in Rome:

There are several bus tours that operate in the city as well. Most tourists prefer these bus tours for exploring Rome. Consult the Rome Tourism Office for more information on such tours. These tours usually come with bi-lingual tourist guides, who can speak English along with Italian, for the convenience of international guests who do not understand Italian.

Bike tours in Rome:

There are several bike touring companies in Rome that provide everything you need for exploring the city on a two wheeler. Until few years ago, bike tours in the said region were not very popular. However, in recent times it is seen that more and more tourists have starts preferring bicycle tours for going round the city and even outside.

If you like cycling, then hire a bike and set out from an exciting cycling tour around the city. Your bike tour company is likely to provide you with:

  • A bicycle of your choice
  • Rome cycling map and a map holder
  • Assistance from trained staffs
  • Possibility to personalize and upgrade your bicycle with different accessories


Private tours in Rome:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you have another option, private Rome tours. This is comparatively more expensive than the others. Here you get to hire a car, which will be solely for your use with a drive cum guide. Usually the private tour guides can speak English as well as Italian. So, in case you don’t understand Italian it should not be much of a problem for you.

So, now that you have an idea about the types of Rome tours available in the city; make your pick and be well on your way for a memorable vacation. We are flights hotels tours aim to provide comprehensive Travel information for many such Destinations

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