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Italy Travel Guide

Is it your first visit to Italy? If yes, then a good travel guide is what you absolutely need. To know what to expect from the place and how to make your trip worthwhile, an Italy travel guide is the best way to go about it.


A guide to Italy:


Overview of Italy:


With the kind of diversity and versatility that the country offers, it comes as no surprise that Italy is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world. Rich with history and tradition, yet the country is not orthodox. Rather in contrary, the Italians have a passion for modern lifestyle. Hence, the nation is a perfect blend of modern and traditional culture. Whatever may be the purpose of your trip, Italy is likely to meet your needs in the best way possible. There are several sides to the country and each of it adds to its appeal. Right from the honking of scooters in Naples to the lush green mountains of Tuscany; from the rich ancient architectures of Florence to the football stadium of Turin; from ancient history to modern age fashion, there will always be something to bring you back to the country. If you want to experience everything that Italy offers in one trip, it's like trying to read all the books of a library in one go. While on a trip to Italy, it is essential to sketch out a proper tour plan, which should include your preferences. Concentrating on few of the many Italy highlights will help you make the most out of your few days trip. Or else you might just end up messing things up.


Italy Sightseeing:


As mentioned earlier there are numerous attraction sites in this vast country. Some of the recommended ones include:

Mount Etna:

Mount Etna is one of the brilliant natural attractions that Italy houses. It is a volcano, very popular in the whole of Europe and considered to be the best attraction in Sicily. It is presently recorded the highest mountain on the island, boasting a height of 10,990ft (3350 meters). However, the height of the mountain varies every time there is an eruption of the volcano. The mythical significance of Mount Etna goes back to the Ancient Greek era.


The mountain is nested in the Etna Regional Park, established in the year 1987. The highly fertile volcanic landmass supports a wide variety of green vegetation, which includes beautiful forests and vineyards.


Leaning Tower of Pisa:


Built in the year 1174, the Leaning Tower of Pisa along with being a very popular tourist hub in Italy, the monument also boasts worldwide significance. The tower is renowned not only for its awe-inspiring beauty and architecture but for its geometrical awkwardness as well. The building was used as the bell tower for the Battistero (Baptistry) and Cattedrale (Cathedral). Because of the poor boggy soil underneath, the tower became tilted since the initial stages of its construction. Today, one side of the structure is 16 ft closer to the land compared to the other side.




The most popular landmark in the capital city of Rome, the Colosseum also known as Coliseum was constructed sometime during the 1st century AD. This elliptical amphitheater can accommodate as many as 45,000 spectators and boasts the best of roman engineering and architecture.


Vatican City:


It is the largest sovereign state or a city-state in Italy, renowned for its beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica. Of all the major features of the Vatican Palace (the official residence of the Pope), the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel are the most important once.


Siena cathedral


Siena cathedral, admired for its humbug-stripes is a very popular tourist attraction in Italy. An ideal time to visit the cathedral is in the month of September. It is during this time of the year that the intricate and beautifully patterned floor, which is one of the key features of the building, is uncovered for the visitors.


There are other attractions as well, which include:

  1. Romantic Verona
  2. City of Venice
  3. Hiking and climbing
  4. Fantastic beaches and many more


Things to do in Italy:





Italy is considered to be the Mecca for shopaholics. Fashion and style are something, which is there in all Italians. Italian designers are world famous and are sought after by most Hollywood celebrities. The county excels in making world-class bags, shoes, clothes and a variety of other fashion products. Some places are renowned for making specific products, like:

  1. Carrara in Tuscany for marble
  2. Cremona in Lombardy is known for making handmade violins
  3. Valenza in Piemonte is known for its goldsmiths
  4. Sulmona in Abruzzo is known for producing confetti and so on.



Italy entertainment:


Other than sightseeing, the country has a very happening nightlife. Italy offers a wide array of bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. The music culture is very prominent in Italy. There are some concerts or live performances happening all year round. Genres like country, folk, rock and jazz are very popular in the country.


Italy food:


When it comes to Italian food, then pizzas and pastas just cannot go a miss. Then you have Italian cheese, which is very popular across the globe. Italian gelatos are very renowned as well.
Italian regional specialties:


  1. Parmigiano (parmesan cheese)
  2. Pesto (pecorino cheese, sauce of basil and pine nuts)
  3. Panettone (Christmas cake with candied fruit and sultanas)
  4. Bagna caoda (an anchovy dip, served with different kinds of vegetables)
  5. Gnocchi alla romana (semolina dumplings)




Italy houses thousand of hotels, which cater to guests who come from different parts of the world. Hotel charges differ on the basis of locatily, availability, services, season and class you go for. There is an official list of hotels in Italy that is published every year by The Italian State Tourist Board. Hotel rates include service charges. IVA (VAT) is 20% in normal hotels and 21% in delux hotels which is charged on room rates only.


Italy weather:

An Italy travel guide is incomplete without the mention of weather of the region. The southern region of the country experiences higher summer temperatures compared to the nothern region. The places that fall towards the north of Italy have the most amounts of rainfall; with the rainiest months being from October-december. Although the country is an ideal place to visit all year round yet for reliable and warm weather, April- June is perfect.
Planning a trip to this massive and diverse country can be quite a task; however, an Italy travel guide is the wisest pick for a traveller. So, now that you have a fair idea about the country, plan your tour wisely and set out for a memorable trip.


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