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The Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain in Rome features as one of the most famous and spectacular fountains in the world. The fountain is best known for being the most popular tourist attraction in Rome. The fountain in this Italian city that boasts of the finest work of art is considered an architectural marvel. The fountain featuring spectacular artwork stands as an example of Baroque art. Settled in between the palaces and the historic center of the city, this fountain is a top draw in the city.

The most famous legend associated with the fountain is that, if you ever throw a coin over your shoulder into the water, you are certain to be back in the city. Plan a trip to this most visited attraction in Rome and make a wish to see if it comes true. However, you need to throw the coin into the water over your shoulders with your back towards the fountain. This famous fountain was made more famous with its usage in many international movies.


Visiting the Trevi Fountain


A visit to Trevi Fountain should always feature high prominence in your Rome tour itinerary. The most famous attraction that draws millions of visitors each year to this fountain is the legendary tale of tossing three coins into the fountain for luck. This particular gesture guarantees your return back to the city. In general, the fountain is best visited during early hours of the morning to avoid the crowd. The morning tours to this place of tourist interest will also guides you to Pantheon. You can opt for a tour of three roman attractions within one-day featuring stops at Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, and the roman Pantheon. You can even opt for a guided tour to this place of attraction to know more about the wonderful works of art and sculptor of this particular tourist attraction.


Accommodations near Trevi Fountain


If, you wish to stay in a hotel near this popular Rome attraction, the city offers you with very limited but good choices of accommodation opportunities. These hotels near the fountain seek to offer a comfortable stay with direct access to the attraction along with other nearby tourist destinations in the city. The hotels also offer a spectacular view of the fountain from its rooms. The most popular hotel near the fountain is the Trevi Fountain Hotel. This particular hotel offering great views is also famous for being a low priced hotel.


There are also some other popular hotels situated near the Trevi Fountain offering a great stay. Here is a list of some of the other hotels near the fountain.

  • La Residenza Hotel
  • The Hotel Adriano
  • Hotel Fontana Di Trevi
  • Hiberia Hotel
  • Dei Borgognoni Hotel
  • Antica Locanda Hotel


A visit to Trevi Fountain is sure to introduce you to the fascinating art and cultural history of the city. This place of attraction appeals to a varied range of tourists coming from all across the world.


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