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Venice Carnival Traditions

Venice carnival is one of the oldest and fascinating fiestas held in Italy. The carnival, boasting of an age-old history and ancient customs, is recognized as one of the most popular feasts of the city. This fun filled fiesta is considered an event not to be missed and features an equal appeal among both the young and the old alike. Venice carnival traditions are deep rooted in its history that features great influence in its celebrations. The carnival is regarded as a journey to a land of a fascinating and mystic world that is filed with music, games, theater, and magic. People from all over the world come to join in this revelry of fun and joy.

Celebrations of Venice Carnival

The carnival of Venice is a manifestation of balls, banquets, concerts, masquerades, and pageants. The fiesta starts from two weeks prior to the carnevel. The carnevel starts from Lent and continues until Shrove Tuesday. This year the Venice carnival will be held from February 26 until March 8. It features an influence of Latin and people do not include meat in their meals. The feast that is held during the carnival also implies a farewell dinner of steaks and stews that the Christians refrain from during the Easter Week.

The fun and festivity of the Venice carnival holds an equal appeal for everyone, be t the young or the old and the sophisticated elite or the plebian. The carnival since its inception looked beyond the social norms and overturned all social order, rules, and norms of society. Significant traditions observed during the festival included lighting up the Palace through the entire day and night. People in the city wore masks and indulged in all the fun and revelries that are organized within its boundary.

Traditions of Venice Carnival

The fun-filled fiesta boasts of an ancient origin that dates back to 11th century. The fiesta was first held to honor the victory of the Republic in the war against Ulrico Patriarch of Aquilia in the year 1162. Here is a look at some of the Venice carnival traditions -

  • The custom of masked pageants dates back to the Roman tradition of fertility festival. This custom observed the aristocracy and slaves watering masks. Another important tradition that marks the season of fun and festivity is that people are seen roaming around in costumes.

  • The Venice carnival feast is also a significant tradition that marks the festival. Such feasts that date back to XVIII century is still organized during the carnival period. This feast offers an opportunity to relive the magnificence of Serenissima Republic with its carnival festivities. During the carnival, people in Venice attend the feast in the public squares that is accompanied by dances, music, theatre performances, live entertainment with acrobats, tightrope walkers, puppeteers, street entertainers and fireworks. Events and entertainment goes on throughout the entire night.

    Some of the major highlights and key attractions that are considered as important Venice carnival traditions are –
  • Mask parades in St. Mark's Square
  • Gondola and boat parades along the Grand Canal
  • Carnival for Children in the Cannaregio district
  • Grand fireworks show on the final day to end the carnival celebration

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