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Venice Carnival Tours

Venice carnival is one of the spectacular events hosted in Italy. Surrounded by medieval architecture and scenic landscape the carnival casts a spell hard to forget. The carnival starts two weeks before the Ash Wednesday. This year the carnival would be held from February 26 to March 08.

The Venice carnival tours can vary from 3-8 days. The tour packages normally include the carnival costumes, guided tours and food. The activities and services included in the package may vary depending upon the tour operator. Some of the tour operators offer breakfast and dinners, while some only include the breakfast cost. One needs to check out the activities and services offered in the package. The cost of the packages also varies according to the services. It may start from $1500 and can go upto $6000. Nevertheless, the tour itinerary includes the following things:

  • Day 1:
    On the first day the tourists are provided with a guided tour around the city. Then later on the day the tourists try out the carnival costume designed for them. Tour operators may also organize a tour at the St. Mark’s Square.

  • Day 2:
    The day starts with a gondola ride. In the afternoon special buffet lunch is organized. By the evening, the tourists are taken to the famous Piazza San Marco, situated in the center of the city where the carnival is mainly hosted. On arrival one may participate in the costume parade. Later on they may head for other interesting activities in San Marco. One may end the day with a dinner at the hotel or check out the local food at some exotic food joints of the city. The other activities that may be arranged by tour operators during the Venice carnival tours include a visit to mask making seminars and seminars on the history of the Venice Carnival.

  • Day 3:
    One may again head for San Marco and join the activities out there or attend costume parties planned by the tour operator. Some of the operators include cooking classes and also chocolate making classes on the third day.

  • Day 4:
    On the final day one may leave Venice or extend the tour by visiting other regions of Italy. Some of the operators have provision to visit other part of the Italy in case the traveler wants the extension of the trip. Rome, Verona, Aeoline Islands and Sicily are some of the popular destinations in Italy. Depending upon the tour duration the itinerary will vary. Some of the Venice Carnival Tours are organized in the last few days of the carnival or the middle. The cost of the packages varies according to the services included in the tour package. The price may range from $1500 to $6000 per person for double occupancy. The air fare charges are normally not included in the package price.

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    One can reach Italy via air, water and land. Flight services are available from different parts of the world like Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Traveling within Italy is also not an issue as all the regions are well connected with different modes of transportation.