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Venice Carnival Theme 2011

Venice Carnival Theme, Theme of Venice Carnival, Venice Carnival, Venice, Venice Carnival Tours Venice carnival is one of the most ancient and fascinating fiestas held in Italy. The carnival that marks a celebration with masquerades, parades, balls, and grand feasts feature a great appeal to everybody, be it the city people or the international tourists. The year 2011 has the carnival slated from Saturday 26 February until Tuesday 8 March. The fiesta will also have an inaugural weekend on February 19 and 20. The celebrations of the carnival are based on a theme each year. Venice carnival theme for 2011 is based on “Ottocento” the nineteenth century evocation with the city paying tribute to the Unification of Italy and to Women.


Theme of Venice Carnival

Venice in the year 2011 is slated to discover the soul of its carnival theme, “Ottocento”. The story of the nineteenth century evacuation will dominate the celebrations of 2011 that is scheduled from February 26 to March 8 with inaugural ceremonies dated on February 19 and 20. The theme and its basis is likely to develop among impulses and romantic suggestions with its redingote and top hats, corsets and crinolines.

The year 2011 will witness a change in the principle Venice carnival theme; the change of idea has already created much sensation in the city. This year will witness the turnaround of two ideas in its theme, the first being the return of classicism. This return will be signified by the figure of princess Sissi, observed as all women’s personification. The second idea will however, observe the concept of unification, as 2011 is the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unity.

Venice Carnival Tours

Venice is best visited during the carnival season. During this time, you will get to experience the city at its cultural and entertainment best. Planning a trip to the nation during the fiesta will welcome you with many activities with no dearth in things to see and do. The celebrations of the year 2011 that is based on the theme of the Unification of Italy and to Women will feature a number of events focusing on the idea. This event is coupled with the festival of Mardi Gras and Women’s Day on March 8. This coincidence of events has indeed imbibed in the carnival celebration the romantic theme of Ottocento – Da Senso a Sissi – La città delle donne.

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