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Venice Carnival Food

Venice carnival is a popular around the globe. People from different countries fly to Italy to witness this spectacular fiesta. Be it the jugglers or the acrobats, the celebration is famous for a number of things. Venice Carnival foods are one such thing that cannot be missed while on a trip to Venice. During the two week celebration, St. Mark’s Square is engulfed with the aroma of the traditional cuisines and drinks. The cuisine in the Venice carnival includes food from the city and also some other Italian regions.

Some of the food in Venice, Italy:

  • Galani
    Galani is a popular Venice carnival food. Galani is a cake that is crumbly and thin. It is said that the dough of the Galani was used by the Romans to prepare lasagna.
  • Venetian Fritola
    Venetian Fritola is a cake that has a history behind it. The cake was exclusively prepared by the fritter makers in the year 1600. During this time they formed an association and reserved the right to prepare the make. According to the facts, the makers would fry the fritter dough in oil, butter or pork fat. The dough was prepared from eggs, sugar, pine seeds and flour. It was later knead on a wooden table. After frying the fritter dough, it was covered with sugar.
  • The Great Carnival Lasagna
    The dish is a Neapolitan specialty. Some of the ingredients include Lasagne, beef, Italian salami, onion and mozzarella. The food is served with red wine and is perfect for both as a starter and main course.

  • Chiacchere
    Among the popular Venice carnival foods is the Chiacchere. Chiacchere is a pastry that people take during the celebration of the Venice carnival. The pastries are prepared from milk, flour, lemon zests, sugar, butter and eggs.

  • Rotolo di Pizza
    Every region in Italy as a special cuisine and under the carnival the food are found under the same roof. Rotolo di Pizza is from Abruzzo. Some of items used in this pizza are Italian sausage, sliced pancetta, extra-virgin olive oil, flour and salt.

    Apart from these the carnival food includes:
  • Gazpacho
  • Venetian Scallops
  • Bean soup
  • Lasagna
  • Venetian Asparagus
  • Fried rice balls
  • Hard boiled egg with pickled onion
  • Salmon salad
  • Fried cream
  • Yoghurt with raspberries
  • Prosecco - white wine
  • Pinot white wine

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