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Venice Carnival Facts 2011

Carnival of Venice has a long history and several interesting facts associated with it. Venice carnival facts talk of the different highlights of carnival and stories revolving around it.

Some of the facts of Venice carnival:

Venice carnival history

The Venice carnival dates back to the year 1162. It started with the celebration of the victory of Doge Vitale Michiel II over Ulrico. Ulrico was released on the condition that he had to pay annually a tribute consisting of bread, and animals to Doge. Later these animals was slaughtered and cooked. Subsequently a banquet was also organized.

As time passed, masks were introduced and the event shaped into a carnival. By 1797, the carnival was abolished after the Campo Formio Declaration and Venice merged with Austria. It was later in 1979 that many associations of Venice, planned to restart the carnival in its traditional form. Today the carnival is celebrated with the same old traditions, passion and enthusiasm.

Venice carnival mask

The concept of masks started during the 12th and 13th century. Masks were mainly used as a disguise while doing unlawful activities. Later, the concept of masks was introduced in the carnival. One of the reasons of such introduction was to remove the social differences. People participating in the carnival wore mask to mingle easily with people of different class and sex. The different types of masks used in the carnival are the Pantalone Mask, Bauta Mask, Gnaga Mask and Moreta Mask.

Venice carnival food

The carnival food is another important part of the celebration. Perhaps the food is one of the interesting Venice carnival facts. Some of the food of Venice carnival has a history of its own and evolved with time. Like Galani and Venetian Fritola. Venetian Fritola is another cake which has a long history. The fritter maker had the exclusive right to prepare this cake. The dough was fried in pork fat or butter and then it was covered with sugar. Apart from these food items one could enjoy bean soup, gazpacho, fried rice balls, and Pinot white wine.

Venice Carnival events

One of the other Venice carnival facts is the carnival events. The Venice carnival events include things like masquerade and costume balls. The event takes place at St. Mark’s Square. The street during the two week celebration of Venice carnival is packed with magicians, jugglers, dancers, acrobats and actors. Mask parades are also held in the city, in a similar way to that of 16th century. Many shops sell masks and other artifacts related to the theme of the event. One may also hire costumes and masks to participate in the mask parades of the Venice carnival or mask balls.

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