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Venice Carnival Decorations

Venice carnival is one of the oldest carnivals in the world. Not just the locals but people from all over the world participate in this gala event. The carnival of Venice is marked with a number of activities from mask parades to costume ball dance and gala dinner. Venice carnival decorations are traditional and have a unique blend of color, elegance and lights.

Venice carnival takes place before the Ash Wednesday and is celebrated for two weeks. This year the carnival will be held from February 26 to March 08. The theme of the carnival this year will be tribute to the Unification of Italy on completion of 150 years and also a tribute to women, as March 08 is the International Women’s Day. On the last day of the carnival, i.e. March 08, a silent boat race will be organized at the Grand Canal. As a part of Venice carnival theme candles will also be used to light up the canal in the dark. There won’t be any use of artificial light.

During the two-week long Venice carnival the street of St. Mark’s Square is marked with bright lights and elegant and colorful attire. To add more color to the carnival different types of masks are worn by the people. Some of the popular Venetian masks are Moreta Mask, Gnaga Mask and Bauta Mask. The costumes are also beautiful and vibrant in nature. They are sometimes based on character from history, mythology, fancy, Comedia del Arte and nature.

The streets of Venice are not only filled with people in masks and the costumes but also with actors, singers, magician, acrobats and jugglers also somewhere add to the Venice carnival decorations with their shows and performances. The tricks and performances of these people enchant the tourist and local equally. By evening the whole place of the carnival is lightened by candles and artificial lights. A trip down the Grand Canal during the evening would take one through a mesmerizing experience. The shops and other events places are also decorated according to the event. At places during evening mask parade and costume balls take place. St. Mark’s Square is traditionally decorated to match the tempo of the event. The associations every year works toward retaining the traditional feel of the carnival. The decoration during the beginning of the carnival was of medieval style and still today people try to retain that essence and feel. The majestic medieval architecture and the colorful costumes would take one to the old time.

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