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Venice Carnival Costumes

The Venice Carnival exhibiting the rich cultural legacy of the city features one of the most fascinating and stunning shows in the European nation. The event that holds an equal appeal amongst both the young and the old alike is a culmination of musical performances, dance shows, and grand feasts. The major highlights of the event are the masked dance balls and costume parades that lets the nobility mix with the ordinary people. Venice carnival costume that holds its traditions dating back to XVII century has become a significant part and the symbol of the fiesta. The costume dance shows and masquerades that almost bridge the gap between the sophisticated elites and the common mass has become a tradition of the carnival.

Costumes of Venice Carnival

Usually, the costumes that are worn during the carnival celebration originally date back to the year 1700. During those days, the masks were being closely associated with the event. The maschera nobile, a kind of white mask, have become very common with the carnival. This mask is worn with black silk clothes and a three-packed hat. However, the years after 1979 witnessed some changes in the costume colors.

People participating in the festivity started adding colors to their attire and costumes. The color of the masks, yet then was strictly colored in white, silver, or golden. These colors have, since then, remained unchanged and are widely used during the carnival until date. The Venice carnival costumes like, tragicomica and mascheranda provides a wide array of costume choice for the rental service. Traditional masks that are to be worn with the costumes are decorated in personalized designs.

Different type of cloaks and hats are worn by the men depending on the character they are trying to portray. Women wear traditional gowns along with fancy hats. These costumes are decorated with rich fabrics, ornaments and gems providing more grandeur to the already grand carnival. Some costumes are comic, others historical. Some people wear only fancy costumes reflecting joy and happiness. Costumes and masks are thus a very essential part of these two weeks in Venice.

Venice Carnival Costume on Rent

Venice carnival costumes are available throughout the city at various stores. Here is a look at one of the store that displays a wide range of costume for purchase or rent.

Ca’ del Sol

– this Venetian store is well-known for exhibiting 18th century style of carnival costumes and masks for sell and rent. The store charges a rent that comes between 400-600 Euros for 24 hour. The costume on rent also includes a tricone hat. Attire that comes in a simple style is offered on a rent of around 150 Euros. Usually, the carnival costumes cost around 2000-3000 Euros.

Contact Details
Ca' del Sol
4964, Fondamenta de l'Osmarin
30122 Venezia
Tel : +39 041 528 55 49

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