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Venice Carnival Celebrations 2011

Venice Carnival Celebrations, Celebrations of Carnival in Venice, Venice Carnival celebration Theme, Attractions of Venice Carnival, Venice carnival Events, Venice Carnival, Venice tours, Italy festivals One of the most spectacular and splendid Italian celebrations, the Venice carnival is well renowned throughout the world for its grand spectacle. A blend of parades, masquerades, balls, dance parties, and musical extravaganza, this traditional festival boasts of a long-standing history. Staged in one of the most romantic cities of the world, the fiesta features a major tourist appeal. Venice carnival celebrations that are held for two weeks with a deep-rooted history. The main highlights of the festival are its unique tradition of masked costumes and grand feasts. The fiesta with its ancient history is also considered to welcome spring with the passing of winter. The celebrations are based on a unique theme each year witnesses the blend of the elite and the humble classes, as all wear a disguised look behind a mask.

Celebrations of the Venice Carnival

There is virtually no end to the celebrations of the Venice Carnival. The carnival was started in the year 1296 officially. Certain restrictions were imposed upon the masqueraders and laws were enacted to keep the Venetians under moral restraints.

In the present days, the Venice Carnival Celebrations are celebrated with much passion and enthusiasm in a vibrant atmosphere. Not only from Europe, but tourists from the world over flock into the city just to be a part of the gala occasion. Every year the carnival is based on a unique theme and comes as a surprise. The celebrations of the Venice Carnival may range from the spectacles, mind-blowing performances by the actors, acrobats, dancers and musicians bring an aura of celebration to the entire city for several days. There are different venues for the celebration and each venue would offer a distinct charm and delight to the participants.

Celebrations of Carnival in Venice

The fiesta that is a two-week celebration beginning from February 26 and continuing until March 8 will host an extensive range of entertaining activities. The celebrations of this festival, since its inception has held an equal appeal among all groups of people, be it the international tourists or the city locales. For the entire two week, the city wakes up to the light and sounds of the carnival that fills the air and ambience of St. Mark’s Square, the city streets, squares, theaters, and public buildings.

Numerous shows and performances dominate the Venice carnival celebrations like, dance performances, musical shows, acrobat shows, and street plays. During your Venice carnival tour, you will find a show or an entertaining event being held at every corner of the city. The entire city dances to the tune of the festival. Such a gala celebration holds its history to earlier times of seventeenth century.

If you would like, to be a part of a plush aristocratic celebration, the palaces in Venice are the places to go. Here, you will find to your comfort and enjoyment masked balls and grand feasts in costumes. You can rent or buy a period costume, wig, and masks from a number of fashion houses situated in the city

Venice Carnival celebration Theme

The year 2011 is scheduled to observe a celebration of the Venice carnival based on the theme of ‘Ottocento’. Dresses, costumes, hats, corsets, and crinolines of nineteenth century will dominate the attire and the ambience of the fiesta. This year’s carnival is also held as a tribute to the never dying spirit of Venetian and Italian women that led to the ever-inspiring Italian Unification movement in 1866.

Attractions of Venice Carnival Celebrations

The major fiesta and fun of the celebration will be held between 26th February and 6th March with the inauguration taking place on February 19 and 20. The major highlight of the city, the carnival raises a toast to fun and enthusiasm that is spread through the canals, streets, and the palaces of the romantic city. Featuring a wild revelry of two weeks, costume parades, masked balls, and grand feasts holds the major attraction of the Venice carnival celebrations.

Venice Carnival Celebration Events

A number of events are hosted throughout the city during the two-week of revelry and fun. These scheduled shows add to the appeal of the Venice carnival celebrations. Here is a look at some of the carnival events set for 2011 -

Grand toast in Venice

Date - February 19
Time - 7pm-8pm
Location- Piazzetta San Marco

Festa Veneziena

Date - February 20
Time - from 10am
Location - Canal Grande and Cannaregio

The Flight of the Angel

Date- February 27
Time - 12pm
Location - Piazza San Marco

Children’s Carnival

Date - March 3 – 8
Time - 3pm
Location - Campo San Polo

The Flight of the Donkey

Date- February 6
Time- 12pm
Location - Piazza Ferretto, Mestre

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