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Venice Carnival Breaks

Venice is an ideal tourist destination. The network of the canals and the architectural excellence of the city would take one to a different world. What would add more magic to the travel itinerary is the Venice carnival. Venice carnival breaks are ideal short trips to enjoy a mesmerizing experience of tradition mixed with fun and enjoyment.

The Venice carnival is an annual event of the city. The carnival kicks off two weeks before the Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday. With the beginning of the Lent period from Ash Wednesday, many restrictions are observed. As such the carnival in Venice is one of the major events before the celebration of Easter Sunday.

Venice carnival is one of the oldest celebrations in Venice. Although for a certain period of time it was stopped but again in 1979 the carnival was restarted. People around the city and from other nations participate in the carnival. Masquerades, dance, costume ball, and music are some of the features of the carnival.

A Venice carnival break can be of 2-4 days and may cost around $400 per person per day. The price may go up depending on the accommodation, and other facilities and services offered during the short breaks to Venice by the tour operators. Some of the operators also arrange for costumes and masks to participate during the masquerades and costume balls. Normally the breakfast is included in the fare. The short Venice carnival tours also include a lot of site seeing and other popular things. The following things may be covered in Venice carnival breaks:

Guided city tour

  • Tour to the famous St. Mark’s Square, a popular site of Venice carnival
  • Mask making seminar
  • Seminars on Venice carnival history
  • Cooking classes
  • Costume parades
  • Gala dinners

    If one is not interested in an operated tour then one may always head toward St. Mark Square. The place is the stage to the Venice carnival. Even a trip around the city in a gondola is a great option. One would find the streets crowded during carnival with acrobats, jugglers, and magician. One may also come across people with colorful masks and costumes.

    One may also hire or purchase a mask and costume to participate in the carnival. By evening the place buzzes with music and costume balls. In many places of Venice including some hotels, mask parades and balls are organized to increase the fun and entertainment.

    The tour operators also arrange gala dinner during the breaks in Venice. But in case one wants to get a Venetian feel of carnival, then a visit to St. Marks Square is worth investing. The street is smeared with the aroma of local cuisines including exotic food and special cocktails.

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