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Venice Carnival 2011

If you are planning for tours to Venice, then make sure that you don't miss out on the Venice Carnival 2011 scheduled on 26th Feb – 8th March 2011. Venice carnival 2011 is something one may keep in the travel itinerary. The carnival in Venice has a rich history and is perhaps one of the most exciting carnivals held around the world. This year the theme of the Venice Carnival will be a tribute to the completion of 150 years of unification of Italy and also tribute to women. March 08 being the last day of the carnival and also the International Women’s Day, a silent boat race will be organized at the Grand Canal or Canal Grande. It is said that candles will be used to illuminate the canal and no artificial lights will be used. This year the Venice carnival starts from February 26 and ends on March 08. The Venice carnival is marked by mask parades, costume balls, gala feasts, mime and fireworks. The street of Venice during the celebration is filled with actors, dancers, magicians, and jugglers.

Venice Carnival 2011
In the vivacious ambiance of the candle-lit Palazzo Pisani-Moretta that overlooks Canal Grande adorned by the exquisite murals the degree of excitement and enthusiasm is unrivalled. As you savor excellent dinner, the mimes, magicians and acrobats would present some of the most mind-blowing performances.


Venice Carnival history

Venice carnival started in the year 1162. The event was the celebration of victory of Doge Vitale Michiel II. Ulrico after being defeated by Doge was asked to pay an annual tribute. As a tribute he had to offer breads and animals. The animals were cooked and subsequently a banquet was arranged. Later with the advent of time the celebration started taking place every year on Shrove Tuesday. But by 1797, the carnival was stopped when Venice merged with Austria. In 1979, the carnival began its celebration again by the different association of Venice.


Venice Carnival Masks

The Venice carnival is marked with lots of activities. The appeal of the carnival gets highlighted with the use of Venetian masks and elegant costumes. The masks were introduced in the carnival around the 13th century. The reasons for the use of the masks were to hid one’s identity. The masks helped in mixing with people of different age group, opposite sex and people from different class of the society. There are different types of masks. Some are used by the fair sex while some by the male group. Some of the Venetian masks used are Gnaga Mask, Pantalone Mask, Bauta Mask, and Moreta Mask. Along with the masks the costumes are also vibrant and unique in style. Some of the theme of the costumes is based on characters of history, mythology and Comedia del Arte.


Current Venice Carnival

The carnival was started again in 1979 after a long break and it was ensured that the feel of the carnival resembles to that of the olden days. Starting from costumes to activities like masks parade and costumes balls, everything has a classic and traditional feel. Today masks and costumes can be hired or purchased from shops of Venice. This often helps people to participate in the entertaining masks parade and other similar activities. During the carnival a lot of other activities also take place. One may witness the stunts of the acrobats or the extraordinary performance of the mime actors. On the other side magicians would take one to the world of illusions and fantasy. All these activities generally take place in St. Mark’s Square.

Apart from engaging in these activities one can also delve into the gastronomical delights to satisfy the taste buds. St. Mark’s Square during the two week celebration of the carnival remains enveloped with the aroma of the traditional cuisines and drinks. From food like Galani to Fritola the list is endless. Fritola is an old cuisine and the fritters had the right to prepare them. The dough, fried in pork oil or butter, would later be covered with sugar.


Venice carnival tours

Venice carnival tours operated by the travel operators offer the travelers a unique way to explore the carnival. The tour packages are normally of 2-4 days but may stretch to 8 days. The price may range from $1500 to $6000 per person for double occupancy for a short 2-6 days trip. Some of the tour packages also provide costumes and masks to participate in the mask parade or costume balls. Apart from these the packages include breakfasts, some gala dinners and local site seeing.


Travel to Italy

Italy has a state-of-the-art airport service and is well connected with the other countries. One may also enter Italy by land from countries like France, Austria and Switzerland. The internal transport system of Italy is also quite good. Train is perhaps the better option of traveling within Italy. In Venice one should not miss the chance of a Gondola trip through the intricate network of canals. During the carnival a trip around the place in Gondola would offer a spectacular site.

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