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Italy Current Events, Italian Current Events

Italy is a country located in the south central zone of Europe. The Alps, France, and Austria border it. There are several islands located on the Mediterranean Sea and independent islands belonging to San Marino. Rome is the capital city and has the largest concentration of population in the country. Italy is a popular tourist destinations and pilgrimage center for the Roman Catholics. Million of people visit the Vatican City, an independent enclave within Rome. The country is host to various religious festivals, celebrations, events, and carnivals. These are also major draw for tourism.


About Italy current and international events

Several centers of performing arts, exhibition halls, and art galleries are host to many Italy current events in various cities of the nation. The international events in Italy comprise art exhibitions, conferences, business meet, carnivals, feasts, and national celebrations. New Year, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween day are also celebrated countrywide. Many botanical gardens in the major cities of Italy like Rome, Milan, Venice, and Florence host flower shows annually. There are fashion weeks and fairs that draw global travelers to the country.

Top Italian current events


Country Christmas
Venue: Fiera Di Pordenone
Date:December 2-December 5, 2010

The Country Christmas is the event that would revolve around the outdoor life of Italian people and Christmas celebrations. There will be a host of races, workshops, music classes, dance, shows, and bands during these days of the festival. The first edition of Country Christmas took place in December 2010.


Santa Lucia Day
Date: December 13

The Santa Lucia Day in Italy has gained prominence as an international event celebrated in the small towns. It is one of the biggest and widely celebrated festivals in Sicily. The city of Siracusa in Sicily holds a parade to the Church of Santa Lucia with the coffin of the saint. The parade returns the coffin at the burial ground after some days. There is fireworks display and feasts throughout the place. Visitors come to Church of Santa Lucia to see the procession and parade with the coffin.



International Education Fair-Italy
Venue: TBA

This event is held annually in the month of December. It is among the top trade and education fair in the country. The main highlight is on various sources of education, colleges in Italy, and scope of education. It is listed among the exhibition program of the actual International Fair that also hosts trade expo. The fair offers avenues of education and vocational trainings.


Italian International Events

Below given are few top Italy international events that place every year


Milan Fashion Weeks

Milan is a commercially vibrant city and much known for its fashion shops, nightlife, and food outlets. It is a hot fashion destination in central Europe. There are several shops hosting fashion garments and wear by international designers. The downtown region of Milan is a faship stopover point with lines such as Via Monte Napoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga, and Corso Venezia. They are also the host and main participants of various fashion weeks and shows held in the city.

The Milan fashion Weeks have international designers, models, and fashion lines taking part every year. It is among the top international events in the country. The top designers bring display their seasonal collections like summer, winter, bridal, ethnic, and contemporary during these shows.

Venue: Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre and in other cultural venues of Milan

Date: February/March and September


RomaEuropa Festival

Date: Between September- December

This is an annual cultural event in the city of Rome. The RomaEuropa Festival attracts many international visitors. The main highlight of this annual event is the performances, dances, and concerts. Folk music and opera songs mark it. The focus on classical music enhanced with many foreign singers participating in this festival. The diversity in classical dance and songs is well depicted here. The festival takes place in different venues of Rome, Italy.


Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Fair

Venue: Around the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

Christmas is a great celebration in every part of South-central Europe. The Italian cities actively take part in it. In Milan, the streets of the downtown region are lit with lights. The Christmas celebrations begin much before December 31 in Milan. The feast day begins by honoring the city patron Saint Ambrose. The fair that takes place during this celebration is Oh Bej! Oh Bej!. Tourists are drawn mostly to the huge market that is dotted with antique shops, garments, shoes, and other fashion wears. People get to buy candyfloss, chestnuts, and pie cakes. It offers an excellent opportunity to tourists to do some Christmas shopping for family and friends.


Venice Film Festival

Venue for Venice fil Festival 2011- Lido
Date: 31 August - 10 September, 2011

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest event of its kind in the country. Directors, producers, actors, and musicians from across the globe attend this festival every year. There are classical and contemporary films screened for at least 10 days of the festival. The festival is scheduled to take place from August 31- September 10 in 2011. The tourists can enjoy the films, meet the stars, and get previews of the upcoming films.

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