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Italy weather

Italy, one of the major tourist destinations in the world boasts of a pleasant climatic condition throughout the year. This climatic condition makes Italy a place of all-season visit. However, the country that is home to long coastlines and mountain ranges also witnesses a diverse climatic condition that can change within minutes, as you visit different cities. Italy weather in general boasts of a temperate climatic condition with the winters witnessing an unpredictable climatic condition. The season of autumn and fall are considered the best times of visiting Italy.

When to Visit Italy


The best time of planning a trip to Italy generally depends on varied conditions. These dependents are, the kind of trip you want to make, list of must-see sights, and budget. The top tourist seasons of visit are the spring and autumn. The month of May also in recent times is witnessing tourists in Italy. Prices also are generally low in the month of May. The best time to visit Italy for the economic tourists is during the months of November and April. The tour comes at a cheap rate and you even do not have to face the long lines at the tourist place of interests.


August, in general features as a holiday month in Italy. You might find most of the tourist places open for the visitors but the restaurants and shops bear the sign “closed for the holidays”. The beaches in Italy are flocked by the locals in the month of August and all places of interests are reserved in advance. The winter months in Italy too witnesses a significant number of visitors though it can get really chilly and unpredictable during this time of the year. Many people come to celebrate Christmas and Easter during the winter months in Italy and especially in the Vatican City.


Monthly Weather Conditions in Italy

Italy, in general witnesses varied climatic condition in different months throughout the year. Here is a detailed look at the monthly climatic condition in Italy.


  • January – This month witnesses a cold period with wind sweeping down from the north. The days of January 29, 30, 31 are known as "giornate della merla" (days of the blackbird). Italy records its coldest days during this period of the year. During this month, hotels feature a low price rate


  • February – According to Italians, the month of February is termed as corto e maledetto" meaning short and accursed. This month can get almost as cold as January. Tourists can enjoy the option of cheap flights and plenty of hotels.


  • March – Italians believe that of all the months, March features the most unpredictable and crazy climatic condition. Weather remains chilly, windy, and rainy. This month also welcomes the season of Spring on its 21st day. Generally, this month witnesses more tourists, more importantly if Easter falls early.

  • AprilThis month is the tourist month in Italy, as visitors from all around the world starts visiting this European country. This month is also known as the best time of planning a visit to Italy. The weather condition during this time stays very pleasant with warm climatic condition. During this month, the hotels charges high-season rates.


  • May – The month of May is also considered a good time of visiting Italy. Though the climate during this time remains warm, it is not generally too hot for sightseeing.

  • JuneThe month of June almost registers a climatic condition like May. However, the temperature might rise steeply in the southern region of Italy.


  • July and August – These two months witnesses a very hot climatic condition and are not good times to visit Italy. The days generally remain too hot to go for sightseeing.

  • September – This is one of the best times to visit Italy. This time, the country registers a dry period with temperatures beginning to drop. Summer resorts generally remain less crowded during this time of the year.


  • October – This is also a good time of visiting Italy, especially Rome. The northern part of Italy and places situated at higher altitudes registers a colder period especially during the nighttime.

  • November – The month of November is also not a good month of visiting Italy. This month witnesses frequent rainfalls though not very cold. Hoever, if you plan to visit Italy during this month, do not miss on the new wine ("vino novello") and chestnuts that are available in plenty during this time of year.


  • December – This month witnesses a colder days featuring the shortest days. This being a holiday season, prices begin to rise and hotels starts filling up. It is always advisable to book early.

In general, Italy weather registers a temperate climate throughout the year. The summary of Italy climatic condition is listed below -


    • Early Spring – Temperate weather, moderate airfare and hotel prices, modest crowds
    • Late Spring through Early Autumn – Highest heat, airfare, hotel rates and other rates, as well as biggest crowds
    • Late Autumn – Temperate weather, moderate airfare and hotel prices, moderate crowds
    • November through March – Most unpredictable or old weather, cheapest rates on almost everything, smallest crowds
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