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Italy Population

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Italy, knowing about the country’s population is very important. While finding the exact figure about the population of Italy, might be tough as it keeps on changing, you can still have a basic idea about this. Italy population figures of different parts on the country, can roughly give an idea about the facilities available at that place. Generally if you go to a thickly populated place chances are, you will have access to good facilities. However, this is not always true. Populated of Italy is estimated to be more than 60 million.

Population Density of Italy

Italy has a density of 200 people per square kilometer, and it is the fourth largest populated country in European Union. More than 10 million of the population is aged over 65 years. Rate of growth of population in Italy is pretty slow as compared to other countries. People of different origins reside in Italy; some of them are – Italian, Romanian, North African, Ukrainian, Latin American, Chinese, Albanian, Sub Saharan African, Asian and others. As a result different types of languages are spoken in Italy. However, majority of them speak Italian, the official language of the country.

Italy uses bilingual and multilingual traffic and other signs. In some places only Italian is used. So, it is suggested that you learn the basics of this language, for a comfortable journey in the country. 

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