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Italy Best Time to Visit

One of the most frequent questions that visitors to Italy have is ‘When is the best time to visit Italy?’ Though the country is beautiful throughout the year, many people prefer visiting Italy during spring and autumn months. At this time the weather in Italy is pleasant. However, the perfect time to visit apart from the weather also depends on your interests and requirements. Ideally, the best months for visiting Italy are April to June and September to October. Temperature is generally mild and crowd also does not build up at that time.


Holiday season in Italy


August is the peak holiday season for Italians. So, if you are looking to avoid crowds do not visit Italy in August. Not only does the weather become hot and uncomfortable, but getting a hotel room becomes tough as well. In fact, most of the hotels, shops and restaurants are closed at that time. Most of the country’s attractions remain closed for renovation or have shorter visiting hours, from late October to Easter. During November and February, several hotels and restaurants shut down due to the cold climate. Sometimes it gets very cold and might start snowing as well.


Best time to visit Italy


Best time to visit places in northern Italy is during spring time. During this time, the temperature is warm and there can be little rain along with gentle breeze at the coastal areas. Places in northern Italy include - Turin, Bologna, Milan, Padua and Venice. Southern Italy experiences sunny, dry and warm Mediterranean type of climate. In July and August the weather and hot and humid; this might make traveling uncomfortable for some people. Winter sports lovers can head over to the mountainous Apennines and Alps regions during winters. Here, the ski season begins from December to April.


Easter and Christmas and are the most expensive seasons for traveling to Italy. In terms of months, June to October is the most expensive. So, this is definitely not the time to travel if you are low on finance. Budget travelers will get a better deal both in airfare and hotel accommodation, from November to March. During weekdays in spring and autumn season, you can enjoy a secluded holiday at one of the beaches in Maremma. As summer starts, beaches begin to be crowded with not just locals but also holidaymakers from abroad.


Anytime is a good time to visit Italy, depending on what you prefer. If Italy is your choice of vacation this time, make your plans early to get the best deals.


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