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Italy tours

Are you considering Italy for your coming vacation? The nation simply makes a perfect destination for both short and long holydays. There are lots to do and see in Italy. With everything the country offers; it is hard to get tired of the place very easily. Most tourists prefer taking paid tours, especially if they are visiting the country for the first time. Going for professionally guided Italy tours will help you make the most out of the limited stay you have in the country.

Opting for paid tours in Italy will provide you professional help. The trained professionals have mastered the art of sketching out tour plans for people. So they have the skill and knowledge both to make your tip worth every single penny you pay.

The country of Italy is vast and varied. There are different aspects of the nation and each of it is worth taking a tour.
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The various Italy tours include:

Archeological Tour:
Archeological tours take you way back in time. Italy is abounding with history and such tours unfold the interesting history right in front of you. Take a tour and explore the archeological richness of the county.

Art and museum tour:

The country boasts a very rich culture and art. Taking an ‘art and meuseum’ tour, you will be able to see the country’s culture, in the art works of some of the world class artists like Picaso, Dali, Kandinski, Mondrian, Chagall and others.?
Italy’s meuseums and art is renowned across the globe. The museums in the country boast a unique connection of artworks which are definitly a must see at least once in a life time. UNESCO’s record states that the nation has more than 50% collection of world’s museums and art. Italian art consists of villas, convents, monasteries, pariches, churches and cathedrals.
The romantic city of Venice in Italy has a numerous open air museums which exhibit the finest quality of art works that date back hunders of years. Some of these museums incluce:

    • The Museum of Oriental Art
    • The Venice Museum of Modern Art
    • The Correr Museum
    • The Peggy Guggenheim Museum and many more.

    Biking and hiking tour:

    Italy is blessed with serene view to breathtaking landscape. So if you are a nature lover then such tours are sure to delight you. Walking or riding though the nature is probably the best way to absorb it.

    Bike tours in Italy are generally arranged by different bike tour agents. These tours usually include picking and dropping the guest from/to the hotel. A good agent will provide you with good bikes, bi-lingual tourist guides, proper helmets, water bottles and food. All said and done, just paying money for a bike tour will not work, the guest needs to be fit and comfortable with the idea of going on a bike ride around the city.


    History and Architecture tours:
    As mentioned earlier, Italy is an ancient country rich with hortoric values. The architecture of most of the historical buildings bears testimony to the architectural skill of the Italian men of the past. One of the most important structures includes the Colosseum in Rome. The structure was built sometime during the 1st centuary AD. Though a considerable part of the colosseum is in a state of ruins, yet from the still standing structure you can make out the brilliant architecture. This is only one of the many such structures that exist in Italy, others include:

    1. Leaning tower of Pisa
    2. Siena’s Cathedral (The Duomo)
    3. Basilica Palladiana
    4. Villa Trissino and many more

    Italy beach tours:
    Italy beaches won the Blue Flag Award in the year 2005 for eco-friendly atmosphere and cleanliness. With a coastline stretching up to 7600 kilometers, the country houses some phenomenal beaches on the Mediterranean. These beaches include:

    1. Abruzzo
    2. Veneto
    3. Sicily
    4. Molise
    5. Liguria
    6. Campania
    7. Tuscany
    8. Sardinia
    9. Marches
    10. Lombardy
    11. Friuli Venezia Giulia
    12. Emilia-Romagna
    13. Calabria
    14. Apulia

    So, you know there can be various types of Italy tours. With everything the country offers it is only wise to categorize your tour, which will help you explore the region more systematically. However, if you want to save yourself some trouble and out source this work to a travel agent then he will take care of the minutest details and help you plan your trip efficiently.

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