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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours are often considered the best possible way of exploring a destination. In modern times, more and more vacationers are choosing the option of viewing the landmark attractions of a particular place from a different perspective. A newest trend in the tourism industry, helicopter rides have fast gained popularity with every tourist, irrespective of age and gender. These kinds of trips catering to diverse interest and choices hold an equal appeal for all kinds of vacations, be it a family tour, a leisure trip, or a romantic break. It is often viewed that an aerial tour features a special place in the heart of adventure lovers.

The very thought of capturing glimpses of beautiful natural wonders and man-made places of attractions make the heart skip a beat. From catching views of the ever-changing landscapes of a particular destination to experiencing a bird’s eye view of its landmark attractions the options are plenty. Be it a cosmopolitan city of visit or an island nation, you are guaranteed the best views of the place. It is also to be noted that an air tour of a particular destination holds an equal appeal between both its tourists and locals.

You can even opt to romanticize your loved one onboard a chopper. If you have been thinking hard on planning unique surprises for the special celebrations, helicopter ride over the exotic destinations of choice comes up as an answer. These days, you will find companies offering air tours in almost every cities of choice, from USA to Europe and Africa to Australia. The continuous demand and appeal of aerial trips have made it come up as the major highlight of tourism and taking a view of the place from high above has become a must choice.

Touring on a Helicopter

A helicopter ride is not only restricted in the purpose of exploring a particular destination or having a bird’s eye view at some place. Many a times, a ride onto the skies is considered to open up diverse opportunities of celebrating a special occasion or reaching to a particular location in style. If you are planning a grand wedding and budget is not a concern then, you can chose to carve a grand entry for the groom at the venue. You can also plan a helicopter ride to your honeymoon destination from the location of the ceremony.

A helicopter sightseeing tour ranks as the most popular choice in the segment. Today, huge numbers of tourists are choosing to take to the skies for a specified duration exploring and viewing the place of visit. While choosing an air tour, you will also find companies offering combination of choices. These choices either feature a landing at some place of attraction or combine an aerial tour with a bus trip or a cruise ride. Most of the flights come attended with professional trained pilot. On your ride over the attractions, you will be assisted with throughout narration offering you information about that very particular sight of interest.

You can also choose to opt for a helicopter ride solely on a business purpose. If you are running short of time and is in the hurry of reaching a particular place within a definite time then, opt for chopper rides. This ride will ensure that you reach the place in time alongside offering you a scenic view of the particular place from a high altitude. A trip for a business purpose beautifully blends a sightseeing option in your business visit. However, it is to be noted that these helicopters need not be always owned personally and are offered by flying companies letting them on hire for different reasons.

Helicopter tours certainly most of the time ensure happy moments spend with your family or loved one irrespective of the purpose. These tend to add an extra appeal during your trips and vacations, as the moment you are onboard a chopper, you are sure to catch glimpses and views of the destination underneath. The popularity of aerial trips can surely be attributed to the fact that it reaches to places and locations that are tough to explore on a land tour.

It is to be noted that an air tour certainly does not come at a cheap rate and most of the time it is quite expensive. However, these trips have become a significant part of vacation, since they offer a comprehensive view of a particular destination that is considered unparallel. Another reason that attributes to its popularity quotient is its usage for adventure tourism. A helicopter ride or a tour often assists in sporting activities like, scuba diving or other sporting activities.

Destinations of Helicopter Tours

While considering the idea of helicopter tours, you are sure to come across plenty of choices. Almost all countries in the globe from all corners feature an aerial tour over its major destination. Here is a look at some of the popular places that are famous for featuring tours on helicopter -

Las Vegas

– no visit to Sin City is ever complete without a helicopter tour over its glitzy and glamorous lifestyle. Catch unobstructed views of the brilliance of neon lights and the major attractions like, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead onboard a helicopter. Also, do not forget to add the night flight experience in your vacation.

New York City

– if you are looking forward to catching a glimpse of modernism at its best then, try the New York helicopter tours for a kind of experience. Catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers and landmark attractions like, Statue of Liberty and other colonial architectures from your chopper, splendid!

Hollywood, California

– Ever fancied visiting the Hollywood and the beautiful coastline of L.A onboard a helicopter. If yes then, this is the chance to go for it. Catch all the actions from high above and feel the joy of capturing views of celebrity homes.

Grand Canyon

– a favorite with the tourists, it certainly feels great to capture a glimpse of this natural wonder from high above. While planning an aerial tour of this landmark destination in USA, you can choose to ride above this magnificence with doors off.


– if exploring the islands is your choice then, head to Hawaii for an unrivalled experience. A favorite destination with all kinds of travelers, the archipelago is bet viewed from the sky. After all, where else on earth you will get to catch open views of erupting volcanoes and the ever-changing dramatic landscape.

Helicopter Tour Operators

A number of operators and companies have carved a niche in the air-tourism industry offering helicopter tours over popular places of tourist interest. Most of these companies operate rides in similar destinations with little variation in the routes and itineraries. You also find air tours specified according to the duration ranging from 15 minutes to three hours. Some of the companies that offer helicopter tours in most of the countries are as follows –
  • Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
  • Sunshine Helicopters
  • Paradise Helicopters
  • Liberty Helicopters
  • Elite Helicopters We are flights hotels tours aim to provide comprehensive Travel information and Helicopter Tours for many such Destinations.

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