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France Tourist attractions

France tourist attractions includes many things for you to explore and indulge your leisure time in. You can go for skiing, horse riding or wine tasting in France. The beaches are tempting to spend romantic moments and art galleries & museums are there to browse through its rich cultural and historical connections. Besides, the architectural marvels are also present here in large number for you to look into the intricacies of designs. If you don’t want to miss the best of France tourist attractions on your leisure trip, you must visit its some of the favorite tourist destinations.

On a travel to France, you will come across a wide range of tourist attractions that boast of rich architectural designs and art galleries. Besides, there are many bars and restaurants also. To say it in simple terms, if you want to see the top France tourist attractions, you need to tour across its renowned tourist destinations like Paris, Nice, Cannes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Mont Saint Michel.

If you want to make your vacations in France a cherished experience of life, you really cannot afford to miss out on the trip to Paris. Apart from fashion, food and nightlife, the city has some of the best landmarks of the country in its storehouse for you to explore.

Top Tourist Attractions in France

From the capital city to the other provinces in the country, you will come across a host of landmark attractions during your visit. Here is a detailed look at some of the mostly visited Tourist attractions in France.

  • Eiffel Tower – One of the most recognizable structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower is the major attraction of the country. Listed as one of the seven wonders, the tower in the capital city is best visited during night. During this time, it is adorned in sparkling lights in a hi-tech show that is definite to enchant every soul.
  • Musee du Louvre – Another star attraction of the capital city, the museum is famous for being home to a great number of art works and artifacts. With over 35, 000 works of art on exhibition, the museum has gained a prominence worldwide for both its quantity and quality. It is often said, experiencing all that is offered by this rich house of art in one trip is quite impossible. Spread across an area of 60,000 square meters of space, the art house records a maximum number of tourist visits throughout the year. The major attraction of this museum is the world-renowned painting of Mona Lisa.
  • French Alps in Rhone - Settled in the eastern region of the country, the Alps is considered as one of the more beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. Featuring the fascinating combination of natural beauty like, lush valleys, scenic mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and calm rivers, the region ranks as a popular romantic getaway destination. The region is also famous for offering an ideal break to the adventure and outdoor lovers. While on a visit to this region, you can indulge in a range of activities that include skiing and hiking.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral – The Notre Dame Cathedral is another major site of tourist interest in Paris. In fact, no trip to the country is ever complete without a visit to this destination in the capital city. The cathedral that stands as an exemplary to the excellence of gothic architecture is regarded as one of the more beautiful cathedrals in Europe. During your trip to this site of architectural brilliance, you are sure to get mesmerized with its combination of spectacular towers, spire, stained glass, and statuary. The major highlight of this attraction includes climbing to the north tower to get an unparallel view of Paris from the hunchback Quasimodo's vantage.