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France Current Events

The country that is famous for its rich architectural splendor and strong cultural presence is a sheer delight to tourists. The European country in addition to featuring iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower also offers plenty of other things to the tourists. If you have been planning a visit to France, be prepared to be a part of some popular events and festivals that holds an equal appeal among both the residents and visitors alike. While in the country, you will come across a wide array of music and art festivals. Additionally, a number of events are also held to commemorate special days of history in the country. So here we offer France current events scheduled in the months of June to December 2011 include musicals fiestas, art fests, gardening shows, and honoring of historic days in the country.

Upcoming Events 2011 in France

A trip to the country during coming months of June to December 2011 is certain to take you across a wide variety of events, which acts as windows to the cultural glory of the country. Some of the events in the country are held annually, while some others are scheduled for this particular year only.

Here is a look at of the some of the upcoming events :

  • Nuits Sonores Electronic Music Festival
    Date- 1 - 5 June 2011 (annual)
    Location - Lyon
    Rate - €25-€87

    A popular music festival in France, the Nuits Sonores Electronic Music Festival is held annually in the city of Lyon. The entire city wakes up to the beats and sounds of electro-dance. A number of venues and outdoor event spaces offer stage to the musical concert, where many a popular name in the music world entertains the visitors to the names. Performers like, Roy Ayers, Underworld, and Battles have earlier played on the stage in the previous concerts.
  • Joan of Arc Festival (Fêtes Johanniques)
    Date- June 2011 (annual)
    Location - Reims

    A historic France event, the Joan of Arc Festival brings the people of the country together in memory of their patron saint. Held in the city of Reims, the honorary celebration includes a wide array of musical and light shows and historic living epics. In between, you can choose to wander along the wooden houses of the medieval market.

  • Festival of the Sun
    Date- June 2011 (annual)
    Location - Marseille

    The festival of Sun does not necessarily indicate fun in the sun in the real meaning. The second largest city after Paris, Marseille plays a great host to the street festival that is indeed a storehouse of entertainment. With a combination of traditional and modern-day music, the festival is a sheer delight. Musical performances are pulled across from all over the world. You will also come across dancers and actors displaying their skills in the decorated streets of the city.
  • Festival Rock en Seine
    Date- August 2011 (annual)
    Location - Domaine National de Saint Cloud

    Another well-known musical event in France, the Rock en Seine perfectly adorns the musical calendar of the country. This three-day event in the country offers great entertainment and holds an equal appeal among both the tourists and residents alike. Additionally, the ambience also adds to the appeal of the festival.
  • Pianissimo Jazz Festival
    Date- August 2011 (annual)
    Location - Sunset/Sunside
    Rates- €20-€25
    Time- 9pm (everyday)

    The Jazz festival held annually in the capital city, Paris is a sheer stunner. The event that is referred to as the sister acts of the summer American Jazz Festival is held throughout the month. The Sunset or the Sunside club plays perfect host to both these musical event. Here, you will get to see the coming together of world-renowned jazz performer across the globe.
  • La Fete des Jardins
    Date - September 2011 (annual)
    Location - Paris

    The capital city perhaps plays host to maximum events that are held in France throughout the calendar year. Scheduled as an outdoor show, the event is usually held amid the greenery of the city. The most popular locations include Jardin des Plantes, Jardins des Tuileries, Parc de la Villette, and Jardins du Luxembourg. The show includes musical concerts, exhibitions, and guided tours. The complete itinerary and other details about the vent is available September onwards from the tourist office of the city.
  • Techno Parade
    Date- September 2011 (annual)
    Location – Paris
    Time: Parade 12pm-5pm

    The Techno Parade held annually in the month of September finely attributes to the rich décor and glamour that the city streets wear during the month. With around 20 floats carrying 150 musicians, the capital city offers great entertainment during the month. While in the city during the months, you will also come across DJ’s and street performers from all corners of the country makes people dance to their tunes and beats long the three-mile tour route. This musical extravaganza forms a part of the Rendez-vous électroniques that is Electronic Festival in common terms. The event attracts around 400,000 people each year to the celebration.
  • International Contemporary Art Fair
    Date-October 2011 (annual)
    Location - Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
    Rates- €28; children under 12 are free
    Time- Grand Palais daily 12pm-8pm
    Louvre daily 12pm-9pm
    Tuileries daily 7.30am-7.30pm

    A well-known art festival in France, the International Contemporary Art Fair is held in the capital city in different destinations. Popular artists and collectors come together in the Grand Palais and Louvre for the art fair. This is one of the primary dates in the social calendar of the country. Here, you can choose to buy an original painting, sculpture, or a print. Make your trip memorable and get a memento of your visit to the fair. The focus is generally on the emerging artists and budding talents, who re offered a platform to exhibit their skills. New galleries opening in the city are also offered stalls in the fair. The newest participating member in this years event is the Jardin des Tuileries that is to come with sculptures, installations, and sound pieces.
  • Salon de la Musique
    Date- November 2011 (annual)
    Location - Grande Halle de la Villette
    Time: 10am-7pm (everyday); Monday – until 6pm
    Rates- €9
    2-day pass is available for €15
    11-17 age groups- €6
    6-10 age groups - €2
    Children aged under 6 are free

    Another popular festival in France, the musical fest is held in the capital city, Paris. This particular musical fest focuses on celebrating all genres of music. The range usually includes, pop, jazz, and classical. Here, you can take part in workshops, try your hands in drums or guitar, and obviously stand witness to great performances.
  • H20 Festival
    Date- December 2011 (annual)
    Location - Espace Jacques Prévert
    Rates- €6-€12

    The annual H20 festival is all about dance that includes western styles of hip-hop. Centre de Danse du Galion organizes the dance show that holds great interest among the young group. This is also another event held in the city of Paris.

    France current events exhibiting the cultural heritage of the country are of interest to all. While on a visit to the country, do catch up with some events or festival dominating the social calendar during your tour.