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Bordeaux Hotels

A port city in Aquitaine, in the southwest of France – Bordeaux is widely considered the red wine capital of the world. But of late, the city’s popularity has not remained solely limited to its wine industry, the exquisite gothic cathedrals and 18th century mansions of Bordeaux are drawing tourists in huge numbers from far and wide. offers comprehensive guide on Bordeaux Hotels.

A city well over 2000 years old, Bordeaux is most celebrated for the Bordeaux wine that has been produced here ever since the 8th century. A wine lover’s Mecca in all sense of the term, Bordeaux is also recognized as a prominent cultural hub. The intriguing beauty and charm of Bordeaux is aptly supplemented by the availability of excellent accommodation at the Bordeaux Hotels.

Hotels in Bordeaux France are designed to suit the accommodation needs across every cross section of the society, and they range from luxurious Five Star and Four Star Hotels, to medium priced Three Star Hotels; and from elegant Boutique Hotels to cheaper Apartment hotels and Budget Hotels. Enjoy the luxuries of life on your stay at Bordeaux Hotels, which come with tailor-made packages and the best of services to satiate all your needs.

Located at prime locations within the city, the prominent Hotels in Bordeaux cater guests with some excellent facilities and services that can be truly termed ‘world-class’. Equally sought after retreats for both business and leisure travelers, these hotels are favored for providing the best of comforts amid gracious hospitality.

Furthermore, accommodation in Bordeaux comes equipped with all modern amenities, ranging from well furnished rooms and suites, to excellent dining, whereby you are treated to the most wonderful selection of regional specialties as well as an impressive array of international delicacies; and from hi-tech conferencing facilities to an array of recreational facilities. These Bordeaux Hotels go a long way in making your idyllic holiday all the more comfortable and memorable.