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Flights to Le Castellet

A front row option for tourists all over the world, France draws travelers every year from almost every corner of the globe. If you have planned to spend a vacation in Europe, you cannot give France a miss. Le Castellet, in France is however, one of the favorite options to visit. A visit to Le Castellet can be really enjoyable and worth remembrance. Flights to France are of various categories and the Flights to Le Castellet, are equally varied and numerous and provide most satisfactory traveling experiences.

The two gateways welcome travelers to the wonderful little village of Le Castellet. The wonderful picturesque settings with stone buildings and interesting structures, the twelfth century chateaus, forts, churches, cathedrals, expanses of wisteria and bougainvillea and the lovely handicrafts attract one and all. The vineyards are equally famous here, producing some of the best quality wines. Le Castellet Airport is to and from where flights enter and fly out of the small village of Le Castellet. The airport code is LFMQ and it has a paved runway. Particular areas for refueling and helicopter parking highlight the organized set up of the airport. It has been selected by the Civil Security and Marine Nationale for Canadair training flights, water bomber helicopters and navy helicopters.

Three types of aircraft are ensured here:
  • Single and twin engine private propeller aircraft
  • Business aircraft (Falcon, Learjet, Citation)
  • Passenger Aircraft (e.g, Fokker, Embrauer, Saab)
The airport offers the following services as well:
  • Car rental
  • Car parking
  • Airport parking (in all major airports of U.K)
  • ATM
  • Business centre
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Information desk
  • Baggage inquiries
  • Medical assistance

The lovely chapels, forts, churches and ancient buildings with a touch of ethnicity to captivate you to the core, are some of the sightseeing options in Le Castellet. Cycling through the cobbled streets, the small chateaus and lots of greenery can be really exciting.

The Flights to Le Castellet caters some of the top class services to its guests and does well enough to earn accolades for themselves.